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Course Promotion Carnivale: Know Your Audience

Before you even start creating your course, it’s important to understand your target student. Creating a course targeted at everyone is essentially creating a course for no one.


Why is it important to go through this exercise?

Understanding your target student is foundational to creating high quality, highly relevant content. High quality, highly relevant courses attract more students and will help you achieve your revenue goals. Additionally, understanding your target student will help you find your students and where to reach them.

Who is your target student?

Use this template to address the following questions:

  1. What are their biggest pain points? Identify 3When answering these questions, think about what these students might say behind closed doors. What kinds of problems are they sharing with their closest friends. One tip is to use the actual language that your student might use. For example, you could search for your course topic on Amazon and pull information from the most critical reviews.
  2. What are their fundamental needs as a student? Identify 1-2. Once you understand the problems and pain points, you can take that one step further to identify a core, fundamental need that the student has.
  3. How will your course solve their problems? Once you answer this question, you will be able to articulate the value proposition of your course. What benefits will the student gain from taking your course?  Try to codify your course content into a few succinct tactics, techniques, and strategies that will help your target student solve their most pressing pain points.

The information above will help shape your course summary and marketing collateral, as well as general messaging about the course. Once you have this information, it will be important to brainstorm where to find your target student.

Where can you find your target student? 

In the second half of the template, identify 3-5 places online where your target student “hangs out”. Use the following questions as a starting point:

  • What news publications/ blogs/ websites does your target student follow? Be specific and name at least 5.
  • Are there any particular influencers/ known experts on this topic? Do they have a presence online? Be specific and name at least 3. Include links to their social media profiles.
  • What forums or groups (e.g. Reddit, LinkedIn Groups, etc.) online does your target student follow or participate in? Name at 2-3.

There is no hard science or easy solution, so you should always test, test, test! You must constantly iterate and figure out what works for you, your course and your audience.

Course Promotion Carnivale

Are you ready to take the first step of your promotional journey? Here’s how you can join the challenge!

  1. Fill out the template to define your target student, their needs, and the solution your course offers. In the second section of the template, identify 3-5 places online (blogs, groups, forums, etc.) where your target student visits.
  2. Post your completed document in the Udemy Studio by February 5 for feedback by the community and Udemy’s team! Be sure to use the hashtag #Carnivale when you post.
  3. Move on to Task 2, where you’ll craft the language you’ll use on your landing page and email opt in form.