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Course Reviews

Course Reviews are critical in helping students understand whether a course is the right fit for them and are an invaluable sources of feedback for instructors. These reviews need to reflect the authentic opinion of students in order to be useful. Reviews always need to be honest, respectful and helpful.

Misuse of reviews

Reviews that are deemed to be fake, dishonest, or misleading in any way can result in a poor experience for students and will be removed.

Detailed Guidelines:

  • Reviews that violate Udemy’s Terms of Use are prohibited
  • Reviews that contain any language that is rude, hateful, or aggressive are prohibited
  • Reviews that are unrelated to the course or course topic are prohibited
  • Reviews deemed to be fake, fraudulent, offensive, or misleading are prohibited
  • Instructors are not permitted to solicit reviews in exchange for products or services (e.g., free e-books, free coaching, free software or web hosting)
  • Instructors are not permitted to specify any detail or information that they would like a student to write in a review
  • Instructors are not permitted to trade reviews with other instructors
  • Instructors must decline any offer from a student to provide a positive review in exchange for goods or services

Removal of Course Reviews

Occasionally a student may write a review that doesn’t follow Udemy’s review guidelines. Reviews that are disrespectful, offensive, or unrelated to the course can harm the instructor’s experience as well as the Udemy community and may be removed. However, reviews that simply include negative commentary about the course (and do not violate any review guidelines) can provide valuable feedback for instructors and, therefore, will not be removed.

Instructors may request Udemy to investigate any review that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Violates Udemy’s Terms of Use in any way
  • Contains language that is rude, hateful, or aggressive
  • Is fake, fraudulent, offensive, spammy, or misleading
  • Is unrelated to the course or course material

Udemy will remove a student review only if it meets one or more of the criteria above.

Udemy will not remove a review simply because it has one or more of the following:

  • Negative commentary about the course or course content
  • Negative commentary about the instructor’s teaching style or delivery
  • Low number rating
  • Suggestions on how to improve the course

When Udemy declines a review removal request, this represents a final decision and the instructor may not resubmit the review for reconsideration.

If you believe a review of your course fits the removal criteria above, request an investigation by emailing policy@udemy.com.

The Trust & Safety team has an automated system that evaluates every review submitted for a course. Reviews that our system flags as inauthentic will not be posted.

When an instructor is clearly going against the spirit of Udemy policies in an attempt to game the system or if we see a severe negative impact on the student experience (high unsubscribe rates or refund rates) it’ll be considered a violation of our policies.

Escalation Policy:  Learn what happens when there is a violation of our policies.