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Course Strategy Challenge: Find Your Fans

In the previous task you investigated what existing Udemy courses as well as what other information products exist on your topic. This groundwork was imperative for understanding how your course will fit in and meet the needs of students. But it’s also a good idea to identify the size of the market that exists for your course. In other words, how big or small of a potential audience will you reach with your course?


This article covers several different methods you can use for estimating the size of the audience for your course topic.


Research Steps


As you go through the following steps, record your notes using this template.

1. Do a quick search in Google.

  • What kinds of search results are returned?
  • If there’s nothing, you might want to reconsider the topic you’re teaching on.
  • If there’s too much noise, you might want to think more about how you will differentiate yourself.

2. Identify the online communities and groups that exist on your course topic.

  • How many people are members of these communities?
  • How many people are engaged in conversations in these online communities and groups?
  • Finding groups that have a few hundred members or more is generally a good sign that there is a decent amount of demand on your topic.

3. Do a search on your topic within specific social media sites like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • On YouTube, take a look at what viewers are saying in the comments section of the most popular videos on your topic.
  • On LinkedIn and Facebook, how many posts are returned on your topic? How many groups exist?
  • On Twitter, what are the most common hashtags used? Are people engaged in conversation on a regular basis or are tweets few and far between?

4. Use Google Trends to understand the search volume on your topic.


Course Strategy Challenge: Earn Your White Ribbon



  1. Record your notes on the above steps using this template.
  2. Share a link to your Google document in the Udemy Studio using the hashtag #CourseStrategy by August 8.
  3. Get feedback from the community and win a White Ribbon!

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