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Course Strategy Challenge: Overcome the Pain

Before you plan out the content for your course, you must understand what problem your target students have that your course will solve for them. You’ve evaluated the market for your course by investigating what courses and other information products already exist in a comparable topic area, and you’ve also researched the potential size of the audience your course can reach. The next step is to build an accurate and deep understanding of your target student.


Understanding the problems or inefficiencies in your students’ lives will help you design a more relevant course, which will ultimately make your course more successful in the marketplace. One way you can think about this is asking yourself the question, “What worries keep them up at night?”

This exercise will help you understand the needs of your target students and how your course can add value in their lives.

Student Research Ideas


  • Subscribe to the most popular online forums on your topic, and even better, actively participate in those discussions.
  • Subscribe to specific social media channels.
  • Go to Amazon and read all the critical reviews of products on your topic. People will say, “It was amazing because XYZ” or “I wish it had included ABC”. Write those insights down and think about how to design your course to serve those needs and pain points.
  • If you have an email list, say “P.S. Write me back” at the bottom of every email you send out and then be sure to follow through and read those responses.
  • If you have existing students or an existing audience, ask them about the blogs or websites they might read or follow.
  • Listen carefully to the words and language that your target students use. Be very specific: what are the actual search phrases they might use in Google?

Choose one of these research activities to report on using this document!


Course Strategy Challenge: Earn Your Red Ribbon



  1. Record your answers to the above questions using this document.
  2. Share a link to your Google document in the Udemy Studio using the hashtag #CourseStrategy by August 10.
  3. Get feedback from the community and win a Red Ribbon!

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