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Create your Best Course: Updates to Course Quality Checklist

Every month, hundreds of new courses are published onto Udemy into which thousands of students enroll. In total, Udemy has seen over 20 million enrollments of students into courses. Udemy’s Learning Science team is constantly diving into this data, analyzing just what you need to create a really amazing course and an unforgettable student experience. As the Learning Science team discovers new trends we’ll update the Course Quality Checklist to make sure we’re providing you with the best guidance possible.

Keep an eye on this blog post for announcements on future Quality Checklist changes.

Announced March 23, 2015

Udemy’s Learning Science team has determined a few new key elements in courses that provide unforgettable learning experiences for students.

Structured Teaching [live 4/15]. We’ve switched this criteria  from Recommended to Required because structuring your teaching is critical for student success.

  • [Required] Include an introduction to your course that hits on your instructor credibility, course goals, target audience, and curriculum overview. Use our Scripting challenge for help.
  • [Strongly Recommended] Make sure each section maps out to a high level goal. Each section should have an intro/conclusion and each lecture should address 1 (and only 1!) topic.
  • [Strongly Recommended] Dive into your content immediately! Provide value right away by including content-rich lectures early in your first section (not just lengthy software installs or multi-lecture intros).

Lecture Format [live 4/15].  Our first course category-specific criteria! The Learning Science team breaks down this quality criteria in a different way for technical and non-technical courses.

  • For Technical courses: We strongly recommend a talking head introduction followed by a screencast lecture diving right into the material.
  • For Non-Technical courses: We strongly recommend a talking head introduction and avoiding making your course lectures 100% slides or screencast.

Instructor Delivery.  Instructor Delivery is one of the most important places to focus your time on during course creation. We’ve clarified our quality resource to make it easier for you to focus on the parts of your delivery that matter.

  • No Rambling. Cut out those “umms” and “ahhs” and get straight to the point. Students want an instructor who is clear, concise, and confident. Make sure you know exactly what points you want to make. If needed, write a script or at least an outline.
  • Enthusiastic Tone. The camera strips out some enthusiasm so you’ll have to give 110% while filming your lectures.
  • Clear Pronunciation. 60% of Udemy students live outside the United States. Make sure — wherever you’re from — to pronounce your words clearly and emphasize important points.

As the Learning Science team develops new quality criteria and recommendations to better guide you to marketplace success we’ll be updating this blog post, our checklist, and the relevant resources. Keep an eye on this blog post for the most up-to-date information (as well as the updated quality criteria articles as we publish them) on how to create your best course possible.

4 thoughts on “Create your Best Course: Updates to Course Quality Checklist”

  1. Rudy Silva says:

    Thanks for giving us an update on the critical criteria to follow to produce acceptable training videos. I have not started doing my health videos but this will definitely help me when I do start.

  2. These requirements and recommendations make a lot of sense. I’ve found it’s best to ensure your courses conform to the Checklist and not try to persuade the Udemy team to accept your exceptions. They want you to succeed as an instructor; not trying to cramp your creativity as an instructor. They have a lot of research, testing, and survey data behind these changes.

  3. Robin says:

    This is so useful. It can be hard to remember the bigger picture, when working hard on the production. Thanks team for sharing 😉

  4. Girijan Raghavan says:

    I do think these are helpful tips specially for me as I am new to creating online courses.

    Initially, I used to convince myself that even if my first course is not upto the standard – maybe by the time I make my 3rd or 4th course I would have caught up on quality.

    But, now I know that it can’t be – because Udemy is changing fast and changing for the better. So to be there on this platform I need to have good courses. And Udemy is doing its best to help me make that possible.

    Thanks Udemy – for the support.

    Girijan Raghavan

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