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Announcing Udemy Community V.I.P.’s!

One of the very best things about Udemy is our vibrant and engaged instructor community! Our online communities – the How To Course and the Udemy Studio – have a mix of seasoned instructors and incoming newbies, all dedicated to creating the best student learning experience online. We want to recognize some of the best and brightest contributors to the community for the support, advice, and positive vision they’ve shared (and continue to share) through their posts and comments. A huge shout out to the following V.I.P. community members!


Criss IttermanCriss Itterman

Criss brings value to the community with her humility, humor and passion for teaching. She’s receptive to others’ ideas while offering her own unique perspective and experience. She’s shared her knowledge on using (or not using) copyrighted images, discussed what the successful co-instructor partnership looks like, and showed us all what she purchased with her first month Udemy earnings! Criss, we appreciate your stellar contributions over the last few months and hope to see many more in the future.

Jacqueline SeidelJacqueline Seidel

Jacqueline is a superstar in both the English and German Studios. She’s a positive and conscientious voice on everything from course creation tips to student engagement strategies post publication. She’s quick to chime in with help and support when another community member appears to be struggling. We could all take a page from Jacqueline’s book!



Marc IsaacsonMarc Isaacson

Mark continually discusses his own efforts to build and teach a high quality, engaging course. He’s absolutely genuine, and not afraid to discuss setbacks along with successes. Over the past few months, he’s shared every step of a student challenge he’s running via course announcements. We’re looking forward to the next installment. Thinking about engaging students with a challenge? Ask Marc for advice! Marc truly leads by example and is an inspiration to all of us.

Rachel BicknellRachel Bicknell

Rachel goes the extra mile – again and again – with her thoughtful and detailed comments. She brings the spirit of “giving back” to the community by starting many threads with this very phrase. To date these threads have covered (among other topics) how to build a homemade soundbox, how to use online tools to generate the best title, and how to find a Facebook group for your target audience. We truly love Rachel’s proactive sharing of lessons learned, best practices and advice on a variety of topics.


Lisa FraseLisa Frase

Lisa is an authentic and positive presence in the community. She asks the right questions and instigates thoughtful and enlightening discussions around what it means to be an online teacher. You’ll also notice her jumping on threads to assist new instructors and provide feedback on anything from test videos to student engagement strategies. Wondering about teaching best practices? Get Lisa in on the conversation. We hope to see Lisa around for many months to come!

Logan Susnick
Logan Susnick

Logan sometimes flies beneath the radar, but start paying attention to his posts and you’ll realize he’s a true community star – he’s a nonstop stream of positivity and encouragement. This sound engineer never fails to share his latest tips and tactics, including when to use Handbrake, why you should record your voice track in mono rather than stereo, and how to choose a successful course topic. Have a question about audio? Ask Logan! Thanks Logan for being an integral member of the Studio!


Jane SJane S

Jane is our How To course VIP. Her responses to new instructor questions are so prompt we often notice she’s addressed the question before our Instructor Team even gets to it! And what’s more, those responses are well thought out, detailed, and above all insightful. Shout out to Jane for being such a bright light on the How To discussion board.