Learn about our partnership with Emeritus

We’re excited to share an update with you on our partnership with Emeritus. Emeritus offers live, university-style courses with certificates of completion. Over the next three months, we will run a test to learn if our users have an appetite and willingness to pay for this type of learning experience. The results of the test will help us decide how to grow our product offering, with the goal of creating more value for both learners and instructors long term.


Who is Emeritus?

Emeritus is a global leader in providing certificate learning programs from top-ranked universities. Like us, they are committed to making high-quality education accessible to learners around the world. Their learning programs, however, offer a more traditional, time-bound, university-style learning experience with live, scheduled lectures. A partnership with Emeritus could help us fill a need for learners who are interested in this particular style of learning. 


What kind of certification is Emeritus offering?

Emeritus offers certificates from top-ranked universities showing learners have completed their multi-week courses. These are not IT certifications.


What test is Udemy running with Emeritus?

We will run a marketing test that targets Udemy learners whose previous activity indicates that they will be a good match for Emeritus’ learning programs. Between May and August, we will promote Emeritus programs through our website, email, mobile, and social channels once-per-month to these select students in the US, India, and Latin America. 


Why is Udemy running this test?

Both learners and instructors have asked about more robust certificate programs. Our test with Emeritus will help us understand the following before making any costly product investments. 

  • The value that learners place on the type of certificates that Emeritus offers
  • Learners willingness to pay a higher price point 
  • Learners interest in taking live, scheduled courses 


Will this impact my revenue and sales?

We do not anticipate that this experiment will impact your potential revenue, and we’ve taken precautions to reduce disruption to your business and ours.


We’re excited for the learnings that we’ll get from this test, and what it could mean for future Udemy products. Stay tuned!

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