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Designing the new Course Landing Page

Today, we’re excited to announce the beginning of a phased update to the CLP, to upgrade both the design and the functionality of the page. Over the past 5 months our Product team has performed over 30 tests to inform the release of this page where we spoke with students and analyzed their behavior on the site. In this post we’ll go over a few of the key research we’ve done to prepare for this new CLP.

Updated Review Algorithm

Previously, reviews were showcased on the CLP according to recency — the most recent reviews left by students were at the top. This means that even if you had 200 five star reviews, but your most recent review is a one star review, that one star review will be at the top.

Our team tested a new version of the ranking algorithm, that highlights relevant reviews (are they in-line with your average course rating?) that contain useful context (do they contain helpful comments?). This resulted in 10% more revenue for included courses.

Streamlined Curriculum

Previously, the curriculum design was cluttered — there are numbers of sections and lectures, as well as the words “Lecture” and “Section” before the actual titles. In our research, we found that students find the curriculum immensely important — it’s serving as the “table of contents” for the course. They want to scan the curriculum quickly for keywords that help them decide whether your course is right for them.

Our team tested a new version of the curriculum, without the words “Section” and “Lecture” and removing the numbers. This resulted in a marked increase in positive user experience interviews and other qualitative research we performed.

Redesigned Promo Video

Over the past year, we saw a shift in student behavior with regards to the promo video. As more students access courses from their mobile devices, or from countries with less bandwidth, the number of students who purchased a course and watched a promo video actually decreased.

When we saw this behavior, our team tested a new design for the promo video player that emphasized the title, subtitle, and social proof of a course (which students find very important) and deemphasized the promo video. This helped with both the load time of the page, to better optimize for students accessing your course from countries with slower internet. Additionally, the smaller promo video allowed for a clearer visual hierarchy of information on the page.

Please read our full announcement here.