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The first principle of an ideal Udemy course is “Differentiate”.  Udemy is a marketplace, which means an abundance of courses, often in very similar topics.  Use the “Differentiate” principle to guide you not only in picking a topic, but also in designing your curriculum in a way that sets you apart from the competition.

So how should you differentiate your course from others?  We recommend thinking about differentiation in a few different ways.

  1. Picking your topic.  Specialized topics really shine in a marketplace.  What do we mean by specialized?  “Excel for Accountants” would be an example of a specialzed topic, while a course on “Basic Excel” would be a non-specialized topic.  Why is this important?  It can sometimes be hard for students to find their perfect course within the marketplace.  If you pick a specialized topic that appeals to a certain niche, you’re getting rid of the possibility of students not finding you.  To see a list of Udemy’s current Hot Topics, click here.
  2. Specifying your audience.  In the example above, the instructor of “Excel for Accountants” has done a better job at defining her audience than the instructor teaching “Basic Excel”.  Push yourself to go even further.  When writing your course summary and course goals always ask yourself – Who is my ideal student?  Why are they interested in taking my course?  What will they get out of it?  How will their lives be changed?  Thinking about your ideal student, and positioning your course to meet his or her needs, will help your course stand out. And don’t forget to follow through and deliver on all your promises!
  3. Course delivery.  How is your course structured?  What lecture types will you choose?  Will you have a project-based course?  Maybe you’re including weekly office hours so students can talk to you.  Or maybe you have a unique background that informs your teaching in a new and exciting way.  All of these are great ways to differentiate your course and stand out in the Udemy marketplace.

Course Creation uses effective teaching


For more information on Differentiation check out the “Differentiate” lecture in the How-To Course.