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Early Insights: Extra Help

We realize that making improvements to your course doesn’t happen overnight. Here’s some extra help to improve your course. Mine the data in your reviews

Perform a self-evaluation
Go through your first section of your course as a student, and look at your content with a critical eye. What are you doing well? What is outdated and needs updating? As a starting point, look at the following things:

  • Jump in quickly. Do you jump right into your course content after a brief introduction? Or do you have a long set-up lecture, a long personal introduction, and a long lecture about what this course is going to deliver? Cut all that intro and dive right into the content.
  • Practicality is king. Is your course content applicable to your students’ lives? Are you teaching them theory, or how to actually apply their learning? Udemy students are practical learners – they need to know how your course will change their life. Make that clear for them.
  • Know your category. What courses have high ratings in your category and subcategory? What are they doing that you could emulate? This is a great way to better understand what Udemy students want.

Compare self-assessment to review feedback
Student feedback is priceless. Here’s how to best use it.

  • Export your reviews to CSV. You can filter reviews by star and tag reviews to determine trends. Spend some time really understanding what your students are saying.
  • Read through your reviews and compare with your self-assessment. Pay attention to areas of overlap
  • Reply to students. Want more information from a student who left a low star? Did one student give very helpful feedback and you want more? Reply to your reviews to better understand what students mean.

Take our Udemy Insights Courses
Our Udemy Learning Sciences Team designed these specifically to help you create higher quality courses. You will learn best practices on video quality, filming, and editing.