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Excel At Production

The second principle of an ideal Udemy course is “Excel at Production”.  This is a pretty straightforward principle — if students can’t see your videos or hear your voice, they won’t be able to learn!  In the “Producing” section of this site we’ll go into more of the nitty gritty of actually creating your Udemy course.

Keep in mind that there are many different ways to excel at production and create a stellar course on Udemy:

  • Want to create your course videos on your own?  Fantastic.
  • Want to hire a videographer to come to your office and shoot your lectures?  Also wonderful. (If you want help with editing your videos after filming, check out Udemy’s partnership with Videopixie, where you’ll receive a 40% off discount on two different video editing packages)
  • Have pre-existing video content that you want to upload to the site?  Works for us!

There’s a broad spectrum for ways in which you can “Excel at Production”.  Thousands of instructors have already been successful with each of these different recipes — so don’t be shy about finding the one that’s right for you.

One good rule of thumb — as long as your videos are in High Definition (1280×720), and your audio is clear, you’ll be good to go.  Our team is also happy to pre-review a sample video using our Test Video feature (see the “Instructor Tools” section of this site) so that you can get some pre-quality feedback upfront.

Course creation focuses on teaching techniques


For more information on Excelling at Production check out the “Excel at Production” lecture in the How-To Course.