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An Expanded Student List for Instructors

Today we’re happy to announce some additional data that we’ve added to the Student List to help you personalize your outreach to students. You can find the Student List for your course by clicking Students from the course management dashboard.

What’s New

In addition to the Name, Enrollment Date, and Progress that was previously available, we’ve now added the following information for each student:

  • Started Date. The date that students began viewing the course material, potentially different than the Enrollment Date (Note: this column is only available in the spreadsheet generated from the Export as CSV feature).
  • Last Visited. The date the student last consumed any part of the course.
  • Lecture Last Viewed. The last video lecture the student viewed, not including lectures the student went back to watch again (Note: this column is only available in the spreadsheet generated from the Export as CSV feature).
  • Questions Asked. This shows the total number of questions the student has posted in the Q&A section of the course.
  • Questions Answered. The number of Q&A items posted by other students in the course, which this student has answered.
  • Last Messaged. The date you last contacted this student via the Udemy message system.

With more context about the level of student engagement in the course, we hope you can make your personal communication with students more effective!

Re-Engaging Your Students

The Last Visited and the Lecture Last Viewed columns give you a clear idea of when and where each student stopped progressing in the course.

If you haven’t recently messaged this student (check the Last Messaged column), you may want to send a message to offer your availability to help, and encourage them to continue with the course material.

Here’s an example of a great “re-engagement” message to help remind inactive students about your course:

Hi John,

I’m Ben, the instructor of your Agile Marketing course. How are you enjoying the course so far?

I wanted to let you know that I’m always available if you have any questions about the course material. If you have any feedback about how I can improve this course to make it a better learning experience for you, please let me know.

Expanded Q&A Metrics

As an instructor, it’s always good to provide timely answers to any questions students ask, but sometimes this can be time-consuming. Use the Questions Asked column to quickly identify students that could use more in-depth help and are worth engaging with separately.

If you have a particularly active Q&A section, you might be interested in recruiting a Teaching Assistant to help answer student questions. By looking at the Questions Answered column, you can find the most active “student responders” in your course, and potentially contact them to become a Teaching Assistant.

Export as CSV

To see all the data in your Student List in one easy-to-view spreadsheet, use the Export as CSV function. You’ll receive an email with a CSV file containing your Student List data.

When you’re looking to engage students in your course, you can filter this spreadsheet to see only those who have enrolled recently, but not started the material.

If you’re looking to re-engage students who dropped off, you can filter to see students who showed some course progress in the Percent Complete column, but haven’t been back to the course in a while from the Last Visited column.

You can use the Lecture Last Viewed column to know which lecture video the student last viewed, and you can add additional personalization in your outreach by knowing where they stopped in your course.

We hope you’ll find this expanded data useful in keeping students interested and engaged in your course material. For more information on the expanded Student List data, read more here:

Read more about the expanded Student List!