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Facebook is another great place to market your Udemy course(s). Learn how some Udemy instructors used their Facebook Pages to market their course and drive over $5,000 in revenue during a seven-day campaign.

Facebook Page insights from Udemy Instructor, Tony Gaskins:

“To promote my course Become a Professional Life Coach, I posted on my Facebook page [over 24,000 Likes] asking the single moms of 2 children or more to inbox me. I gave them all a course coupon to use by Oct 25. They all did. I also sent it to 10 friends with the same deadline. Then, I sent an email to my mailing list offering them 75% as a ONE-TIME offer and gave them until October 31 to use it. I earned over $1,500 in one day and over $7,500 in October alone from this promotion.”

Now, it’s your turn. Make a special announcement to your Facebook Page inviting your followers to join your course at a discount for limited time.