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Market Your Course: 101

First 30 Days Promotion Plan

When you publish your course on Udemy, you have the opportunity to fire off a coordinated course launch that is heard all over the world (or, at least, in certain parts around the internet).

After speaking with countless instructors about their coordinated course launches, we boiled it down to a set of tactics you can apply today to give your course launch legs.

The guide is broken into two parts:

  • First 30 Days Guide for instructors with existing email lists and online followings
  • First 30 Days Guide for instructors who are just starting out.

Remember, when courses have momentum their first 30 days, and there is a swarm of students, reviews, and activity on your course page, our consumer marketing team takes notice as well as existing Udemy students. The more interest and enrollments you can generate during your first 30 days of launching, the better your chances are of getting featured or prioritized internally on Udemy. Good luck!