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From Online to Offline: Udemy Course Goes Local

From Online Course to Offline Learning: How One Udemy Instructor Inspired A Student to Take Her Learning Live


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Setting the Stage

Our story begins when Andrea Swan decided to take an online art class. She came across Udemy while searching the internet for art classes and enrolled in a beginning painting course by Nicola Blakemore. Like many Udemy students, life got in the way and she didn’t start the course until several months later. When she did, however, Andrea “really liked Nicola’s teaching style on the video and wanted to connect with her.”

To her amazement, a little internet research showed that Nicola lived just 40 kilometers away in Quarante, France. Andrea was delighted by “the serendipitous nature of me, a Canadian, taking a course from an American company only to discover that the British instructor lives 30 minutes away from me in France!”

Now, let’s talk about Nicola. Nicola is a professional artist as well as a teacher.  When she received a message from Andrea asking to meet in person, she was beyond excited to engage with one of her Udemy students offline. 

Meeting in Person

The two women met for lunch and “chatted about all sorts of things, like how we ended up in the village we now were, French lifestyle, and of course, painting and what a therapeutic, creative and fun pastime it is.” They also discussed what Andrea was trying to achieve and how Nicola could help her further those goals.

For Nicola, it was wonderful to receive such in-depth student feedback – after all, teachers need reassurance from their students just as much as students desire reassurance from the teacher. Nicola notes that Andrea “endorsed my point of making the student feel relaxed as if they were standing next to me” and that was both exciting and gratifying. As for Andrea, it felt very “special to have a more personal connection” with her Udemy instructor.

Positive Feedback

Andrea noted several things about Nicola’s Udemy courses that make for an amazing learning experience:

  • Nicola has a very clear and personable teaching style. When taking her courses, Andrea truly feels as though Nicola is standing in the room beside her.
  • Each of Nicola’s lecture videos feels whole on its own. Andrea can take one 15-20 minute lecture and feel like she’s accomplished something fun and admirable. The way the course is constructed allows her to schedule her learning around her own busy schedule.
  • Nicola regularly adds extra video lessons to each class which allows Andrea to continually go back and enrich her learning. This experience has been both a surprise and a delight for her. The learning never ends!

Lasting Impact

Their meeting went so well that Andrea enrolled in the rest of Nicola’s Udemy courses and also joined a weekly painting club that Nicola hosts in a local bar. Andrea also registered for a 4-day painting holiday workshop that Nicola is leading in April. Although Andrea will return to Canada for the summer she knows “that I can continue learning with Nicola through Udemy.”

 As a Udemy instructor, how have you connected with your students? As Nicola and Andrea’s story shows, an in-person meeting is definitely possible! There are also many other ways to build a long-lasting relationship with your students. Post a comment to tell us your story!