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Google Analytics

Linking Google Analytics with Udemy gives you better insight into your course. Google Analytics can be used to do things like track visits to the course landing page. This article will help you set up a Google Analytics account and use it with your course on Udemy.

Creating a Google Analytics Account

From your browser, navigate to Google Analytics. You can use an existing Gmail account, or create a new one.

Use the name of your course as the Website Name and the course landing page URL as the Web Site URL e.g., https://www.udemy.com/learn-cool-stuff. Fill in the rest of the form and click Get Tracking ID.

Copy the Tracking ID and return to the course management page on Udemy. Scroll down to the Third Party Integration section under Course Settings. Paste the Tracking ID and click Save.

It will take some time to get clicks, but when you go back to your Analytics account, you will see the option to view All Pages.

Below is a list of the URLs that can be used to create conversions.

Page                                              Visible URLs                                                            Destination Dropdown
Course Landing Page                 /{course-title}/
Course Checkout Page               /{course-title}/
Successful payment page          /cart/success/                                                                Regular Expression
Course taking page                    /{course-title}/course-dashboard
Lecture page                               /{course-title}/course-taking/lecture/{lecture-id}


Now you’re ready to track conversions with Google Analytics!