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Finding Opportunity in The Pain Points | How Gretchen Adams Made Nearly $4,000 in 1 Month

GretchenAdamsGretchen Adams is an award-winning photographer, but she discovered she had an additional skill that many of her peers lacked: the ability to draft an effective pitch for selling photographic prints to her clients.

While most photographers don’t know how to make money by selling prints, she was able to generate a high income doing just that. But how?

A sure-fire way to increase course sales is by solving a problem. Gretchen knew this and created Selling Your Portraits via In-Person-Preview Appointments. She then leveraged the power of promo codes to accrue $3,600 in just one month.

Want to know how she did this? Continue reading for her strategy, as well as tactics that you can apply to your own course.

Find a Problem and Solve It

The first step Gretchen took involved solving a common problem, or what’s often referred to as a “pain point,” in the photography industry.

The Photography Pain Point? Gretchen found that most photographers were missing out on a lot of potential revenue by failing to offer prints for sale.

“A lot of photographers do what we call ‘Shoot & Burn,’ where they shoot photos and burn them on a CD and make no money from selling prints. My course solves this problem for them in a clear-cut way.”

Even though Gretchen has the skills to create a great general photography course, she chose a much more specific skill to share in order to differentiate herself and offer a unique course.

Find Out Where Your Target Audience Hangs Out Online

Gretchen realized that her best and most direct target audience was on Facebook, where it was easy to find several groups specifically geared towards photographers who owned their own companies and were actively wanting to learn new . So she decided to focus her promotional efforts there.

She posted her first Udemy course promo link on a Facebook group with over 10,000 independent photographers.

“I got involved in a few groups that were specific to learning this skill [of selling], so offering my course within these groups was welcome.”

Gretchen had been a member of the Facebook group long enough to know that the photographers who posted on it were looking for answers on how to sell their images.

Udemy TIp: Note that you should always understand the community first before promoting to them. Otherwise it might come off as spam.

Gretchen’s strategy was to reach all of these potential students and give them an offer that they could easily afford to take.

“I think the biggest factor in the success of my course early on was that I was able to find a group of people who were specifically looking for help developing the skill that my course was teaching. My course solves a pain point for photographers and helps them start making more money right away.”

Gretchen priced her course at $199, because she knew that if her course helped her students make even just one sale, the cost of the course would be a mere drop in the bucket.

She also knew that there’s nothing quite like the power of a good promo code to produce an incentive to purchase a course. But, first, she had to figure out where her audience’s primary online hangout was.


The Results?

Gretchen’s Udemy promo code link was posted only once and allowed students to take her course for just $99. That single post brought in $2,200 in sales!


Leverage Positive Student Testimonials About Your Course

One of Gretchen’s first students applied the tips she’d learned in one of her client sessions. The student claimed that she normally would’ve made about $300, but she ended up making a $4,600 sale and couldn’t believe it.

As a result, the student posted a positive review and testimonial within the same Facebook group that Gretchen had used to promote her discount code. In a matter of minutes, Gretchen sold 12 more courses!

“After a few people purchased the course and had great success stories, they were excited to post about it and thank me publicly in the group, which, in turn, created more interest, which then led to more sales, which then led to more success stories.”

Once the photographers realized that Gretchen’s course addressed a major pain point in their industry, and that she’d be able to give them the specific tools, structure, and confidence to make bigger sales, they were willing to invest in her expertise.

In other words, the testimonials helped build a level of trust in Gretchen’s knowledge, and this led to higher course sales.

Takeaway | 3 Steps to Use Promo Codes to Boost Course Sales:

  1. Find a problem in your industry that experts need help with. Pay attention to questions that are being asked repeatedly in groups on social media sites like Facebook. Then work on developing a course that addresses those pain points.
  2. Develop a rapport with fellow professionals in social networking groups and then post about your course. Let them know what problem the course will solve, and offer a discount code.
  3. Encourage students to write testimonials not only on your course page, but also in the online groups you used to promote the course. This will entice others to take your course because it can increase your credibility.