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How to Invite Your Existing Audience to Join Your Early Bird Email List

What is an Early Bird Email List?

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.10.43 PMIf you already have an existing audience via an email list or social media, you can generate general interest for new courses by creating an early bird email list.

An early bird email list is a separate list of emails that can be used to let those subscribers know that you’re about to launch a brand new course.

An early bird list is important for driving sales because it’s made up of people who have the highest intent to purchase your course is when it is ready.

What’s Covered in This Article

1. Learn How to Reach Out Through Your Current Email List
2. Learn How to Reach Out Through Your Social Media Profiles
– Facebook
– Twitter
– YouTube
3. The 6 Key Takeaways

Strategies for Reaching Out Through Your Current Email List

When you write an email to your current subscriber list, the content should be succinct and catch their attention.

We have a pre-launch template that you can use right now. Note the tips below to help you continue to look top-notch:

  • Keep it Short: Be succinct. Describe your course in just a few words.
  • Don’t Spam: Time out your request so that you do ask multiple times, but keep it limited and do most of your promoting to the people who opt into the early bird list specifically.
  • Offer an Incentive: The main call-to-action is for your subscribers to stay up-to-date with your course launch date, but you can also offer a special limited-time promotion. Offer a promotional rate, discount or coupon code to entice your audience into signing up.
  • Demonstrate The Main Benefits
  • Don’t Sound Too Salesy: Use course facts instead. Your email list contains email addresses from your current audience, so you don’t need to sell yourself at this point.

blog_Invite Your Existing Audience**Don’t have an email list yet? Get some tips from Udemy, or you can get started for free and build a list through a third-party. Here are three free services to help you get started.


Strategies for Reaching Out Through Your Social Media Pages

Once you get the email opt-in form put together, you can use it to outreach through social media.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin or any other numerous outlets, social media is one of the best ways to get the message to your audience. Social media is also one of the quickest and cheapest ways to drive traffic to your early bird opt-in page.

Adding social media links to your emails improves your visibility.

Udemy Hint: Crosslink the two by sending your social media readers to a landing page with your opt-in subscription signup form.

There are several social media outlets, but we’ll cover tips for the top three. The one you choose to use should be the one you have the most engaged audience and where you are the most active. 


  • Link your Facebook posts with an article that has a video. According to a study by SocialBakers, images were far less effective than videos that double effectiveness for organic reach.
  • Keep your wall posts short. Your message should be no longer than 40 characters.
  • Engage readers with questions or polls.
  • Post during the day for your audience. Yes, you might have fans from around the world, but target the time when a majority of your audience is active.
  • Example: “Check out my new course for HTML5 newbies”


  • Always create short tweets that are no longer than 100 characters.
  • Use a URL shortener when posting your landing page.
  • Just like Facebook, post a URL that also redirects to your opt-in email list.
  • Add an image or video to your tweet.
  • Example: “Want to learn HTML5? I’ve created a new course on Udemy.”


  • Brand your video landing page. A branded video page helps you stand out, and other Udemy instructors have shown us that it is possible to make more revenue by driving targeted traffic to your courses.
  • Keep your videos short. Most video content creators do 3-5 minutes in length.
  • Crosslink your YouTube videos with social media by posting your videos on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Add the landing page link to your YouTube videos. This landing page should also have your opt-in subscription form.

Your early bird email list is the perfect starting point for course promotion. Your list can grow from contacts you are connected with from email subscribers to social media followers.

Once you pull your early bird email list together [link to how to create early bird list article], think of your social media pages and identify which ones are best suited for promoting the early bird opt-in list.

After some practice and strategic planning, you can see how it is possible to make thousands more in one month by using a targeted email lists.

6 Key Takeaways | Inviting Your Existing Audiences to Join Your Early Bird Email List

  1. Set-up your basic early bird email opt-in page [Once blog post is created link to this article:  how to create early bird list article]
  2. It’s never too early to start your early-bird email list. Start now!
  3. Set up automated emails for your early bird email list: Use the template email copy we created for you.
  4. Determine the right social media platforms to reach out on.
  5. Be strategic with how you reach out to your current audience. Use the best CTA messaging for the platform.
  6. Offer incentives to signing up for the separate lists: Such as keeping people up-to-date, early access, or a special limited-time discount.

Promotion is probably one of the most difficult tasks after you build your new course, but an early bird email list with a great email campaign is a great kickoff strategy after you launch your course. Launch on!