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How YouTube and Webinars Helped Guy Hauptman Earn Over $7,500 in One Month With a Single Udemy Course

blog1Guy Hauptman is a chemistry teacher who has taught in New York City public and private high schools for over 13 years.

While teaching, he has also launched seven Udemy courses that have grossed him $30k in lifetime sales. His “100 Ways to Pass the Chemistry Regents” course brought in over $7,500 in revenue in June 2015 alone.

Guy focuses his Udemy courses on New York State Regents exams, which are required standardized tests specific to the state.

How did he manage to do this? Check out his tips below to find out how you can implement the same types of strategies for success.


Teach the Way Your Students Want to Learn

Every June, I would see a pattern: my students would head to the Internet to search for chemistry Regents study materials a few weeks before the annual exam.

Once I realized that they spent most of their time on YouTube watching video tutorials, I began creating my own video study content for YouTube.


The Regents test is offered once a year in June (with the opportunity for retakes twice a year), so it’s important for me to maximize sales during these key times.

Harness the Power of YouTube & Customize Your Videos For Your Target Audience

My most successful course, “100 Ways to Pass the Chemistry Regents” is comprised up of 100 videos that help students pass the chemistry Regents exam.



Several of the videos are free on YouTube, and the rest can only be accessed through my Udemy course.

I knew I was dealing with teenagers, so I kept my videos short in order to hold their attention. I update my videos frequently so that the example questions featured in my videos come from the most recent test, and I use tags to help YouTube classify them properly.

A Good Email List Can Lead to Future Sales

Each of my YouTube videos directs people to my website, and when people visit my site, they can join my email list to get my free study guide (“100 Ways to Pass the Chemistry Regents”).



Putting this opt-in offer on my website has had a huge impact. In fact, my list more than doubled from 2,000 to 5,000 in June alone.

Discover the Potential of Webinars

In order to capture the attention of students in the weeks before the exam, I ran a webinar through [the free service] Google Hangouts on Air. The content of my webinar was really just a condensed version of 10-12 of my videos—I didn’t even have to create anything new!

Once the webinar was over, I posted the recording on my sales page. I created a separate YouTube video to promote it, I mentioned it at the end of every video on my YouTube Channel, and I posted about it on social media.

I was unsure of the impact of my webinar because real-time attendance wasn’t huge, but thousands of people ended up watching my webinar’s replay.

So many students watched and shared the webinar recording that my whole website sales page actually crashed!

Offer Strategically-Timed Discounts

I’ve learned that a majority of my sales are made just a few days or hours before the test takes place.

I now have six other courses on Udemy including Biology and Physics. With all these subscribers on my email list, I can email them with information and promotions for my other courses just before those exams take place.

In order to close sales for people who might be on the fence about making a purchase, I emailed my list with an initial discount about month before the exam. I then offered a deeper discount 48 hours before the exam. I know people won’t want to pay full price for a course very last minute, so I offered a final discount 24 hours before the exam.

Tip to Remember:

Your great content is only as great is the plan you have for it.

Takeaways | 4 Steps to Boost Course Sales

1. Teach the way your students want to learn. If they like learning through videos…Create short videos that keep your audience interested, and provide a sense of what your full course will be like.

2. Use Webinars to spread the word. Webinars can build trust, be reused, and generate new customer leads.

3. Create an opt-in to build your email list. Email opt-ins can be powerful tools to spread your message to current and potential customers.

4. Use strategically-timed discounts. Convert an on-the-fence customer into a paying customer.