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Harvest Time: Resources


WHY? Practical resource and examples help supplement the learning process. Here are some examples of what students have said in the past about how helpful good resources were. The video lectures are primarily what your students will be using to learn, but having supplemental materials like resources and activities will help make their learning journey feel complete. It’s possible that this is because many people had worksheets and homework to do when they were still in school!

Based on your outline, create at least one of the resources or activities you intend to share with your students. For example, if you’re teaching a course on modern world history, students could fill out a simple worksheet to understand the timeline you’re teaching. Or, if you’re teaching a course on computer philosophy, you might want to propose a thoughtful essay question for students to write about in the Q&A section of your course.

Some important things to ask yourself as you create these resources:

  1. What purpose does this exercise serve?
  2. Will my students be able to learn and retain something from this?
  3. Would I have benefitted from this task if I were in my students’ shoes?
  4. How does this exercise tie back to my course learning goals?

Feeling stuck? Here’s a list of best practices for creating your resources and activities.

Post for Points!

You’ll want to post this back in the Studio as a shareable Google Doc so you can get feedback. Follow these steps!

  1. Post one of your Resources or Activities and tag it with #HarvestTime in the Studio.
  2. If you have a partner, tag your them in your post so they can check out your work and give you feedback. Be sure to give them feedback when they tag you. (If you can’t find them, consider adding them as a friend on Facebook if you haven’t yet, even if it’s just for this exercise!)
  3. Use this rubric to grade your partner’s work (you can also use it to grade your own work). Please try to do this within a few days so your partner can benefit from your thoughts!
  4. Post your Resource or Lecture by October 21st to earn 15 points!

This is it! There’s just about one more week left in this challenge. Continue filming, and if you’re working with a partner, keep each other motivated! We’ll keep posting in the Studio as we count down the days to October 31st. Good luck!