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Harvest Time: The Instructional Lecture


You’ve got your intro lecture finished. It looks good, you’ve shared it with your partner and some of your friends and family, perhaps a couple of friends-of-friends who affirmed that they would be comfortable with you as their instructor. So far so good! Now that you’ve established your instructor credibility, it’s time to get into the real meat of the course: your instructional lectures.

Let’s refer back to the Course Strategy and Outline tasks you did in the past couple of weeks. You decided on your topic and filled out an outline. These two things will help you in creating a structure for your course that will make the most sense for your students.


The topic you chose will impact the way you structure your course. For example, if you’re teaching a course that is focused on creating a web page from start to finish, you probably won’t want to have lengthy explanations about each and every aspect of the code — you’ll want it to be easy to follow and explain things as needed. On the other hand, if you’re teaching a course on the fundamentals of calculus, it would probably make more sense to build your students up with background knowledge. Learn more about Structured Teaching here.

Follow Your Outline

You should be referring to your outline often. As you start filming each instructional lecture, keep an eye on your outline. Are you sharing the information you wanted to share? Are you still on track? Have you gone off-topic for any of the ones you’ve filmed so far?

Consider these things so you can edit them out later, or do a reshoot if you think you just need another take.


Once you’ve got a good lecture finished, be sure to share it with your partner so they can give you feedback! One huge benefit to having someone else look over your work is that they can often find something you can improve that you didn’t see before. It always helps to have a fresh pair of eyes!

Post for Points!

You’ll want to post this back in the Studio so you can get feedback. Follow these steps!

  1. Post one of your Instructional Lectures and tag it with #HarvestTime in the Studio.
  2. If you have a partner, tag your them in your post so they can check out your work and give you feedback. Be sure to give them feedback when they tag you. (If you can’t find them, consider adding them as a friend on Facebook if you haven’t yet, even if it’s just for this exercise!)
  3. Use this rubric to grade your partner’s work (you can also use it to grade your own work). Please try to do this within a few days so your partner can benefit from your thoughts!
  4. Post your Instructional Lecture by October 18th to earn 20 points!

We’re a little over the halfway point of October now. Have you checked in with your partner or the Studio? How many lectures have you done so far? Keep an eye on your calendar, and remember to pace yourself. This is a tough challenge, but you can get through it!

Don’t forget to add the supplementary resources from your Outline. Check out the next article on Resources & Activities and make your way to the end. You’ve got a course to harvest!