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Here’s How They Did It: Felicia Ricci Makes $3,000-$5,000+ / Month on Udemy Using YouTube and Megaphone

Felicia Ricci Udemy SuccessFelicia Ricci (Fel), of Wicked fame, loves teaching others how to sing. This inspired her to create her Udemy course, Belt Your Face Off.

Felicia Ricci’s Belt Your Face Off course (priced at $99) and her Singing Transformation course (priced at $299 and available quarterly) have earned her roughly $45,000 in just one year. Fel is one of Udemy’s most successful instructors, with a 5-star rating and nearly 1,000 students.

With the right strategy, she’s able to generate $3,000-$5,000 of consistent revenue each month on Udemy by growing her email list and compelling email subscribers to join her Udemy course.

How did she manage to do this? Continue reading for her tips to find out how you can do the same.

Compelling Free Content to Help Grow Her Email List

When Fel published her first Udemy course in November 2013, her email list only had about 600 people, even though she’d been working on building it since 2011.

But starting in May 2014, Fel started to improve and grow her online presence to hone in on the audience that would be interested in her Udemy course. “By the end of the summer, I had grown my email list. At this point, my email list is about 15,000. So it’s grown a lot.”

The email list grew from 600 to 15,000 in less than a year because of her free online singing series at BeltingCrashCourse.com and FreeVocalWarmups.com. Whenever someone signs up for either free video series, they’re automatically subscribed to her email list.


“My monthly Udemy revenue increased by $2,000 to $3,000 once I created my freemium [offering], or free gift (my mini belting crash course) that requires folks to sign up by joining my email list. Putting together this sequence of free lessons delivered by email, and then sending a quick follow-up email series that offered a discount to my full Udemy course led to my monthly revenue increase.”

Free Content By Email Followed by a Quick Follow-up Email:

By giving email subscribers these free, guided lessons, and a quick follow-up email with a
Udemy course discount, Felicia was able to develop a level of trust through her free content, which in turn helped to create a branded voice that the subscribers would recognize. This made it more likely that subscribers would be willing to pay for her Udemy course.

In other words, potential students would see that the freebies were just a taste for what’s offered in a paid version of her singing courses.

YouTube.com Content v. Email-Delivered Content

One main difference between the free lessons offered at BeltingCrashCourse.com and the free videos she has on YouTube is that the BeltingCrashCourse.com videos are delivered via email, so the subscriber is more likely to pay full attention to Fel’s video training because there won’t be other vidoes competing for your attention, like on YouTube. Email is a much more intimate channel to build trust, credibility, and connection with your subscriber because it’s a one-to-one channel (the email is from:me, to:you) whereas YouTube is a one-to-many channel (the video is from:me, to:the public).

Optimize Your YouTube Channel

One of the reasons Fel was able to grow her email list on her freemium courses was because fans heard about them on her YouTube channel first. “Most of my students hear about the freemium courses via YouTube. My YouTube channel grew from around 2,000 subscribers to 85,000.”


Optimize Your YouTube Videos:

But don’t just post videos on YouTube and expect people to find you and know who you are. Instead, use the tools that YouTube provides to enhance and optimize your channel.

“Make sure you have a subscribe button that can hover in your video, and that, at the end of every video, you ask people to subscribe. And make sure that you introduce yourself.”

You should also make it a point, as Fel has done, to mention other products that viewers can enjoy, such as your Udemy course or other free materials that would eventually lead them towards your Udemy course.

Create New Content and Search-Friendly Titles By Monitoring Comments From Fans:

To get her videos in front of as many people as possible, Fel monitors comments and messages to determine topics that would be of interest to her audience. Then she simply types in a topic idea into YouTube’s search bar and sees what titles appear to get a better idea of what the common phrasing and search terms are in order to create her own titles.

More Email Subscribers Leads to Higher Revenue

According to Fel, the main reason that she was able to generate more revenue each month was because she is continuously able to grow her email list by promoting her free video training series on her social media pages, such as FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.


Fel’s Successful Key Takeaways:

To summarize her points clearly so you can do it too, here’s how her marketing plan worked:

  • Fel offers free, high quality content that helps singers improve their skills on YouTube
  • Fel has free guided singing training that people have to opt into using their email on BeltingCrashCourse.com and FreeVocalWarmups.com. Subscribers then receive Fel’s private content via email. To drive traffic to these sites, Fel offers free teaser video content on YouTube and promotes the opt-in content through Facebook, Twitter, and to her content viewers on YouTube.
  • The more people she drives to enroll in her free video series, the larger her email list grows.
  • As her email list grows, more people are exposed to information about her Udemy course, and this results in more Udemy course enrollments and monthly revenue.

Here’s How You Can Do It, Too:

  1. Create a free, high quality video series that solves a huge pain point for your target audience. You can use an application like Megaphone to host your training series, like Fel does. Set up your series of emails that shares the trainings and then invites your subscribers to enroll into your Udemy course for a limited time discount. Pro Tip: Enroll in Fel’s BeltingCrashCourse so you can how she does it.
  2. Optimize all of your engagement channels to drive people to your video training series page. If you have a YouTube channel, Twitter page, etc. then direct people to your video series. If you’re a speaker or writer, then in your bio and/or in your presentation or article, direct people to your free video series. All arrows should point to your video series page where people can opt-into your email list. See Fel’s social media channels for inspiration.
  3. Continue creating high quality content that helps your target audience better their skills. Share your knowledge far and wide to increase the number of people you can invite to your free video series and potentially compel to enroll in your paid Udemy course.