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How to: Conquer Udemy Gifting

What if your students purchased your course again—but this time, for a friend?

We just released Udemy Gifting, where anyone can purchase your course as a gift for a friend, just in time for the holiday season. When your students log into your course, they will now see a “Gift” button in the upper right corner.


  1. Ask yourself: Who, in my students’ lives, would benefit from taking my course? Would their mom, best friend, co-worker, babysitter want to take my course?
  2. Message your students: Let your students know that Udemy Gifting is available, and suggest people in their lives who would appreciate your course as a holiday gift.
  3. Remind your students about the 10 Days of Black Friday special: Your students can buy your course today (11/19) for 45% off, and when their loved one redeems the gift, they’ll think your student paid full price and will be impressed! 🙂

Here’s a sample message you can send to your students and email list:

If you’re like me, you started thinking about what you’re going to buy your loved ones this holiday season. You’re probably looking for something practical, affordable, and novel to get your parents, siblings, boss, babysitter, etc.

What about gifting your favorite comedian with my Knitting for Comedians course? Not only will they learn to knit a scarf, but they will also learn how to craft and deliver the perfect joke. This could be the most talked about gift you give all season!

Just log into my Knitting for Comedians course page [link to your course sales page], and click “Gift” in the upper right hand corner. If you buy before Friday, you can take advantage of the 30-45% off for Black Friday. Use this coupon code [insert coupon code link] and get my special 50% off discount. Hope to see your mom, uncle, co-worker, etc. in class soon!

And that’s how you can encourage current students to share your course with a friend. Good luck conquering gifting!

One thought on “How to: Conquer Udemy Gifting”

  1. I was going to suggest this idea to Udemy!

    As an artists my courses, are often purchased for loved ones. I can see this feature being a boon to those in the Lifestyle category. I am very keen to see this feature expanding and being promoted more.

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