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How to Get More Course Reviews in No Time

Vaida Bogdan teaches The Secrets of Personality on Udemy and figured out a way to encourage more of his students to leave reviews on his course. Read below to see how he did it.

When I launched my course The Secrets of Personality, I read The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Bestseller on Udemy and followed all the steps with great success.

After I got my first 300 students I noticed nobody reviewed my course and I was curious why.

I contacted one of the students I knew from my blog and asked him. He told me he would have gladly left a review, but he didn’t think about it.

And then the idea hit me.

In my course dashboard you have a “students” button with which you can check your students’ progress…and message them!
So, from the list, I selected all students who watched more than 80% of the lectures and asked them for a review.

I did this in 2 steps.

The first message was this one:

Hi <name>,
I see you’ve almost finished taking my course, and I’d like to know how was your experience. Did you learn some new things? Do you find this information useful?
Vaida Bogdan

I received responses which were very motivating; my students loved the content and wanted even more! I followed up with them with this message:
Can you rate the class? I know it’s super early but you can always change your rating later if you feel differently about it, beyond first impressions. Don’t hesitate to ask questions on the board as I’m here to make sure your knowledge about the Secrets of Personality gets right down to your intuition!
(now I’d probably improve the messages a bit)

The results? 17 reviews

I went from 0 to 17 reviews using this trick.

Action points:

  1. Message all students who watched more than 80% of your course.
  2. Once you get a response, send a second message requesting a review.
  3. Use an Excel document (sorted by name) to keep track of the students you message so you don’t message them twice.

For another excellent article on how to increase your course reviews, check this out: For Instructors: Double Your 5-star Course Reviews Overnight.

Vaida Bogdan burst onto the public speaking scene in 2009 and built the wildly popular time management website Castiga Timp in Romanian. Known for his no-nonsense approach to getting results, Bogdan has been told that he gives “insanely practical advice” that anyone can implement. He has also developed www.onlinepersonalitytests.org, a series of psychological tests that help people learn about themselves.