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Marketing on Udemy

A huge benefit to growing your expert brand and using Udemy as your storefront is what we call the “power of the marketplace.” Now that you’ve published your course, you gain immediate access to credibility, students, and product improvements so your course gets in front of the right students at the right time.

Credibility: When you send people to Udemy to check out your course, you are inheriting all of the site product features, our 30-day money back guarantee, a team to provide support and customer service, your course available inside our mobile app. So, when someone sees your course on Udemy, an established destination for learning, you gain instant credibility, and visitors may be more likely to enroll in your course when you send them to your course page on Udemy.

Customers: Our Consumer Marketing team is working day in and day out to grow the number of people in the world who know about Udemy. We’re currently at over 15 million students and growing. You gain instant access to all of these students, plus our product team is working tirelessly to find the best ways to get your course in front of the right student at the right time.

Product Improvements: We want to see more and more students fulfill their learning goals when they take your course on Udemy, so our Content, Product, and engineering teams work to develop tools that help you more effectively teach and delight your students so they want to learn from you on your second and third and fourth courses.

Continue reading about Udemy Promotions, Udemy for Business, and our Udemy Discounting FAQ to find out how we work to market your courses, how we select courses for special promotions, and how we go about segmenting the students who receive these promotions.