Improvements to Instructor Navigation

Today, we’re excited to announce our new (and improved) Instructor Navigation! It will begin rolling out to instructors in January via random selection.

What’s changing?

More intuitive organization

Instructor Navigation is simplified, streamlined, and even easier to use. We’ve distilled sidebar options to the five most essential actions and made everything accessible. There are multiple ways to access information or content, and we’ve written everything in the most succinct language possible.

Clean, modern design

We’ve given the navigation a clean, contemporary look that reduces clutter and makes better use of white space. The new design maintains all features and functionality.

New communications tab display

Communications have been centralized to live under a single tab. View your list of messages next to your current message thread. Switch seamlessly from messages to answering Q&A and respond faster.

Instructor and student view

We’ve separated the experience into two distinct views, so you can switch between an instructor and student. This will help you better focus on your tasks.

Faster loading times

Pages load faster and you’ll notice the difference.

Why are we making changes?

Our aim in this release is to make it easier than ever for you to create courses, check your performance, communicate with your students, and focus your efforts where you need them most. We’re confident that this will better serve your needs as an instructor.

How will the new navigation be introduced?

If you’re selected, you’ll see an option to “Try new instructor view” in the “Instructor” drop-down menu. Clicking this will enable the new experience. You’ll still have the option to switch back from the Profile menu and re-enter through the same path described above.

The experience will gradually roll out to more instructors until the end of February, at which point everyone will be using the new navigation. People who sign up to be instructors during rollout will automatically have the new experience.

We can’t wait for you to experience the improved navigation. As always, we’re open to feedback so look out for opportunities share yours in the product. Our goal is to make it easier for you to be a Udemy instructor and do what you do best — improve lives through learning.

Check it out!

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