Updates to instructor promotional tools

This post originally indicated the new instructor promotional tools would be launched in early September. We’re in the process of updating the system based on instructor feedback. As a result, the new tools will now launch in late September at the earliest—check back here for updates.

We know how critical it is for you to promote your courses to current and prospective students. It’s important to build that early social proof and engage your loyal audience. As we move into the world of differentiated pricing, we want to make sure the promotional tools we provide evolve so you can take advantage of all the pricing work we’ve been doing. We want to make course promotion simpler too, so you can concentrate on your courses — not coupons. And we want to make sure you get credit for the enrollments you’re responsible for.


Why is this changing?


Not all courses are the same, so they shouldn’t have the same promotional price — that’s at the heart of differentiated promotional pricing. In this world, each course’s sale price comes from attributes like topic, length, and marketplace performance, and that price can change from promotion to promotion. So you need a coupon tool that adapts to dynamic prices.

Plus, we also know that the old way of doing coupons hasn’t worked well for many of you. In the past, you had to spend a lot of time watching and playing catch-up with Udemy’s sale pricing. Students would often come straight to Udemy looking for the cheapest price, with no incentive to follow your links. 

How will it work going forward?


The updated promotional tools will allow you to harness Udemy’s pricing data to:

  • Match Udemy’s price with evergreen referral links: Instead of chasing Udemy’s sale prices, make the most of our pricing intelligence by referring unlimited students at our current best price
  • Offer unbeatable discounts: Offer a limited 10% discount on top of Udemy’s promotional price, ensuring that students can get the best price coming from your coupon links — we can never offer a better price than you can.
  • Choose your marketing strategy: Offer coupons that are either for a limited time or a limited number of redemptions — whichever is right for your audience.
  • Make the most of free enrollments: Generate limited “100% off” coupons to build social proof or reward your loyal students.
  • Get credit for the traffic you send to Udemy: Even if a student has visited an affiliate site before following one of your links, we’ll be able to attribute it to you. Your coupon, your sale.

When does this new coupon tool launch?


We will launch it in early September, shortly after our new differentiated pricing goes into effect. We’ll send out an announcement when it’s ready for release, along with more details about how it works.

We know this is a big change, but we’ll be here to help you make the transition to a healthier, more dynamic marketplace — one that recognizes the real value of your courses. And we think you’ll have happier students too. 


Teach on,

The Udemy Instructor Team

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