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Instructor Buddy Program

This month in the instructor community, we’re using the “buddy system” to help you achieve your goals on Udemy. We’ll connect you with another instructor from the Lounge who’s equally interested in finding an accountability and brainstorming partner. Follow the below schedule to ensure your buddy experience is a resounding success!

September 3

You’ll receive an email from Udemy’s Community Team introducing you to your buddy. Work with Lindsey and your buddy to schedule the first check-in – the first call should take place by September 10.

We will be using Skype or Google Hangouts for live check-ins.

September 10

By this date, you should have had a first call with your buddy and with Lindsey.

Use this agenda to guide the initial conversation:

  • Introduce yourself to your buddy. Where are you from? How long have you been on Udemy? How many courses have you published?
  • Discuss your goals for the month. What are your September goals? What’s your plan for achieving them? Be sure to break this down into individual steps with deadlines and write them down!  This will help you keep them top-of-mind.
  • Decide how you’ll hold each other accountable for those goals. By the next check-in, what will you have completed? If any of your deadlines are before the next call, will you communicate with your buddy via email before then?
  • Schedule a second check-in – this should be before September 20.

September 20

By this date, you should have had a second call with your buddy.

Use this agenda to guide the second conversation:

  • Share achievements. What have you completed or accomplished since the last check-in?
  • Discuss deadlines. Did you meet the deadlines for individual steps that you set for yourself? If not, what are your revised deadlines?
  • Adjust Goals. Where are you in terms of meeting your top level goals? What are your next steps at this point?

October 1

The month has ended! Did you meet your goals? Schedule a call with your buddy (to take place before October 6) to reflect on how the buddy system worked and celebrate your accomplishments.

October 6

By this date, you should have had a third and final call with your buddy.

Use this agenda to guide the final conversation:

  • Did you meet your goals? Why or why not?
  • If you didn’t, how can you improve your process for the coming month?
  • Discuss whether you’d like to continue checking in with your buddy. This decision is entirely up to the two of you!

After your final check-in, please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. This will help us improve and formalize the buddy program in the future. We really appreciate any feedback on your personal experience!