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Instructor Innovation Awards



We’d like to publicly recognize a number of instructors who are taking a really neat, fun, and innovative approach to teaching on Udemy. Below we’ve shared a lecture from each of their courses as an example to inspire you and get your creativity flowing.

Take a look through the examples and then join us for the Innovation Awards Challenge! Are you ready to incorporate some of these elements into your own lectures? Each video below is accompanied by a mini challenge that asks you to incorporate a specific element of the video into one of your own course lectures. Complete two of these mini challenges by July 27 to meet the Innovation Awards Challenge:

  1. Create two videos, each incorporating one of the identified elements in the mini challenges.
  2. Share you video links in the Udemy Studio by July 27. You can upload your video to YouTube and share the link, or you can upload it directly to the group. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #innovation!
  3. Winners of the Innovations Award Challenge will be eligible to receive a coveted Udemy swag pack!
Jimmy Naraine


Mini Challenge 1: Exhibit passion – Film and share a lecture video where your tone of voice exhibits clear passion for your topic.


Marco Lujan


Mini Challenge 2: Include Visual Examples/Demonstrations – Film and share a lecture video that includes visual examples of the concepts taught or discussed.


Davis Jones


Mini Challenge 3: Summary Slides – Film and share a lecture video that includes a summary slide at the end.


Jack Long


Mini Challenge 4: Incorporate Practice Activities into Lecture Video – Film and share a lecture video where you’ve incorporated one or more practice activities into the actual lecture.


Tony Alicea


Mini Challenge 5: Focused Explanations of Concepts – Film and share a lecture video that homes in to explain one complex concept in a clear and focused way.


Elizabeth Kochergin


Mini Challenge 6: Step-by-Step Directions – Film and share a lecture video that includes clear, concise, and precise step by step directions for students.


Nick Woolsey


Mini Challenge 7: Responding to Students – Film and share a lecture video based off a student question, comment, or piece of feedback you received in your course. (Note: this mini challenge only applies to already published courses)


After watching these great examples, we hope you’re feeling inspired! Join us for the Innovation Awards Challenge by completing two of the mini challenges by July 27. Don’t forget, we’ll award the most innovative of our contestants with a Udemy swag pack delivered to your doorstep!