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Introducing a Redesigned Home Page

Udemy’s home page is students’ first introduction to Udemy and to you, our instructors. It’s how students first discover your course(s) and the opportunities of the Udemy marketplace.

Today, we’re excited to announce the beginning of a phased update to the home page to upgrade the design and increase discovery of courses for new Udemy students. We want to show students what Udemy is, how they can benefit from using Udemy, and give them interesting content to engage them. Please note, this new home page will be released in phases over the following weeks.

Design Feature Updates:
Using competitive analysis, we explored several edtech and e-commerce websites to deconstruct their home pages and identify components we knew we wanted to include in our home page, as well as discover new features that hadn’t been considered.

  • A broader range of courses. We want students to easily discover what they desire. The new design will provide a wide breadth of ways students can discover your courses: by category, skills to learn, by course, and by instructor. The better we get to know our students, the more we can refine and improve what they see.
  • Increased course selection for students. Unlike the current home page, courses in the discovery modules will get refreshed frequently, giving more courses a chance to be featured on the home page.
  • A richer discovery unit. Udemy has a handful of courses that drive much of our revenue, and we have common goals that we know students are on Udemy to accomplish. By connecting new students with a wider variety of popular courses, we believe we can drive discovery and engagement with courses both high in quality, and relevant to students.

Check out the newly redesigned home page below.


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out this newly redesigned home page to our student base. We’ve done a tremendous amount of testing and feel confident about this release and will continue to innovate and make changes as we see results come in. As always, our Support Team is standing by to answer any questions you may have.