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Introducing: Syntax-Highlighted Code

Students from all over the world come to Udemy to reach their learning goals, particularly in programming, our most popular category.  With over 5,000 development courses, hundreds of lines of code are shared among students every day.  That’s why we’re excited to support syntax highlighting for code blocks and inline code within Questions & Answers, Quizzes, and Article lectures!

Syntax highlighting and formatted code make code easier to read and comprehend. Within Q&A, this more efficient experience also facilitates faster feedback from other students as well as instructors.  Formatted code can also be included in Quizzes and Articles, allowing instructors to ask and answer Quiz questions in a more native way and share their solution code via an Article.

Where can you highlight your code?

Questions and Answers – Highlighting your code inside questions and answers makes it easier and faster for students and instructors to read it and share their feedback.syntax-highlighting-questions-focused

QuizzesCreate readable code in the questions of a quiz and in the answers. This allows instructors to ask questions such as “Which is the correct way to solve this problem?” and prompt students to choose the correct answer from a set of different implementations.


Articles – Use highlighted code in articles so that students can easily read and learn from it.


Learn more about how to use this feature. 

Whether responding to questions, updating quizzes, or creating articles, add syntax highlighting to make code easier to understand!