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Weekly Roundup – March 18, 2015

The Weekly Roundup is a list of all instructor-relevant updates, announcements, and general news that has taken place in the last week. Check the Teach Hub on Wednesdays to read through the roundup!

Weekly Roundup

News & Updates


Udemy in Japan!

Udemy has partnered with Benesse, the leading education and publishing provider in Japan. This partnership will expand content offerings in the Japanese language and bring numerous new Japanese students and instructors to the Udemy marketplace. More information about the partnership can be found on our blog or in the official press release!

Upcoming Lectures

Students will no longer see lectures in the course Curriculum that are “Upcoming”.  Student feedback surrounding upcoming lectures was overall negative: it set an expectation for students that was often not delivered. We still highly encourage you to continue adding to and refreshing your course content, and you can communicate this to your students in a few different ways:

  1. Mention it in your course summary (as long as you follow through!)
  2. Insert a “roadmap” text lecture that informs students what updates and additions you have planned.
  3. When you actually make those updates or additions, send an educational announcement or post on the discussion board.
Bug Resolutions

We sincerely apologize for the site issues we experienced over the last week. We’re working on resolving all bugs and conducting a thorough investigation so we can prevent similar situations from occurring in the future. As of now the following issues have been resolved:

  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics is once again tracking traffic correctly.
  • False discussion notifications – We identified the cause of the error and are confident it won’t happen again.
  • Course price – You can now change your course price as usual.
  • Enrollment notifications showing purchase price of $0 – We’ve fixed the error causing email enrollment notifications to show a purchase price of $0; automated notifications should now display the correct purchase price.

We are still working on the issues below and have made them a top priority:

  • Test video feedback – The Review Team isn’t currently able to provide feedback on test videos. If you’ve submitted a test video in the past several days, the Review team’s response will be delayed. In the meantime, we encourage you to post your video in the Udemy Studio for feedback from the community!
  • Discussion notifications – Some discussion notifications aren’t clickable: this means you can’t navigate from the notification directly to the individual discussion post. This will be fixed shortly!


In the Community


Your introductory lecture is one of the most important ways to grab your students’ attention….and keep it! This article walks you through how to write a script for your first lecture. Although the script writing challenge is over, it’s never too late to share your script in the Studio for community feedback!

Once you have your script in hand, produce your video by following these steps and you’ve just set yourself up for success with your students!

  1. Evaluate your script. Read it for a family member, friend, or colleague. Does it sound convincing? Does your personality come through? Is it under 3 minutes? If they answer “yes” to all, then you’re ready to move forward.
  2. Rehearse your script. There’s no need to read your lines word for word – in fact, this can feel too unnaturally…well, scripted. But feeling prepared and confident when you turn on the camera will go a long way toward engaging your students. Rehearse in front of the camera to get comfortable. You can also try setting up a toy or photo to speak to if it feels odd speaking to just the lens. Be yourself, smile, and use hand gestures just as you normally would.
  3. Film your introductory lecture by following the recipe in this article. Technical questions? Ask other instructors in the Udemy Studio.
  4. Upload your lecture as a test video and post the link in the Studio by this Friday (3/20) for feedback from the community. Keep in mind that an error in our test video tool is preventing the Review team from providing feedback, so the Review team’s response will be delayed.