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Black Friday : Set Your Course Learning Goals

Earn Black Friday Bonus Points

Make sure you’re earning the +10 bonus points for this task! Here’s how:

  1. Follow the tips in this article to write your course learning goals using this template.
  2. Post your Google doc link in the Udemy Studio with the hashtag #BlackFriday2015 by October 8. The community and our Instructor Team will offer feedback on how well you’ve written your goals!
  3. After you’ve incorporated any feedback, add these goals to your draft course curriculum. Now you’re one step closer to going for gold!

If you’re not a member of the Studio yet, apply to join here.

Course Goals

Our Learning Science team has conducted a ton of research into what makes Udemy students happy, and have concluded that course structure has a significant impact on student engagement and satisfaction with a course. Since all the content in your course, and the way you order it, leads back to your learning goals, choosing these goals should be the first step in your course creation journey!

And remember, your course goals are also one of the first ways you can hook students and convince them your course is the course for them. The following tips will help ensure your learning goals are powerful and persuasive:

  • Focus on the skills students will learn and where they can apply them.
  • Phrase your goals to sound relevant, applicable, and exciting!
  • Start each line with an active verb; avoid passive verbs like “learn” and “understand”.
  • Shoot for 3-5 goals (don’t limit yourself to just one but avoid an exhaustive list – you can cover this more in your course summary).
  • Set the right expectations by telling students about the specific needs the course is catering to and who the course is (and isn’t) suited for.

Are you ready to get started? Just follow the steps at the top of this article!