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Jaime Amor’s Tactics for Growing Course Sales

JaimeAmorJaime Amor has had a vision of a world full of active, intelligent, thoughtful children.

After witnessing the spiraling obesity rate and the hectic lives of young people, she decided to use her passion for yoga to get kids active and allow them to experience the practice’s many benefits.

To make her vision a reality, Jaime started off by creating her own YouTube channel, Cosmic Kids Yoga.

But she realized that developing consistently good content costs money, so Jaime decided to offer a course on Udemy to help fund her YouTube channel.

She could continue offering free, high-quality content for kids, while also reaching a broad base of yoga teachers through Udemy’s platform.

And this strategy led to a greater level of success than she originally anticipated.

How did she manage to do this? Check out her tips below to find out how you can implement the same types of strategies for success.

Know and Engage Your Audience, and Foster a Sense of Community

By offering in-person training sessions, Jaime developed an effective process for teaching yoga instructors. She even offers a fail-proof script for students who are a bit nervous about teaching their first kids yoga class.

When she applied these techniques to Getting Started in Kids Yoga – with Jaime from Cosmic Kids, she was able to create a comprehensive course that helps yoga instructors understand their role.

“Build your content to incorporate the exact learning your students want. Spend proper time writing your content before producing it. It really makes a difference if you can be clear about what you are teaching.”

Learn What Your Students Want

To learn what her students really wanted, Jaime created a community for them on Facebook. She made a private Facebook group and invited all of her students to join in, and this led to what is now a vibrant community that openly shares concerns, thoughts, questions, and ideas.

“The thing we find from doing live courses is that it creates a really close-knit group of people who help each other and swap ideas as they go out into the world and start teaching…It has also become a great way for me to stay in the loop with what people need, and to offer help and advice beyond the course.”

Rather than simply assuming what her students would want to learn from her, Jaime also makes it a point to communicate with them to answer their questions and to ask them about what their main challenges are. This helps her meet students’ needs.

“It also pays to find out exactly what people want to learn from you, so run a survey and ask them. Give students a practical learning experience. It was important for us to think about the process from the student’s point of view and make absolutely sure we were communicating well throughout. [And] the inbox is a personal place. A message from us landing there has more power than a notification [on Facebook].”

Create Momentum: Build a Pre Launch Email Opt-In List

In the three months before Jaime’s course launch, she built a list of interested potential students, including pre-school and physical education teachers, as well as other yoga instructors and childcare workers.

“We created a page on our website about the upcoming training. Included on that page was a Google form for people to sign up, add their email, and get the course for an early bird price of $100. By the time we published our course, we had well over 200 names on this list, and we made $10,000 in sales.”

A five-figure revenue stream certainly went a long way toward helping Jaime’s goal become a reality.

Since launch, over 400 students have already enrolled in her Udemy course, which means those teachers are now reaching hundreds, or even thousands, of kids who can directly benefit from all that yoga has to offer for the mind, body, and spirit.

Want to try the same strategy as Jaime and grow your mailing list while promoting your Udemy course BEFORE it’s even published? Learn how to make a pre-launch opt-in page

Offer Free Content

In addition to an early bird discount for her email list, Jaime also finds that adding valuable and consistent episodes on YouTube encourages more people to sign up for her Udemy course.

On YouTube, she posts a new yoga adventure every month, along with a new posture every Monday. This kind  consistency has significantly helped her increase her YouTube reach and, in turn, the number of students who want to follow her lead.

“People need to trust you and believe that you have something valuable to teach them before they open their wallets. It pays to offer free previews of your content, so people understand the value you are offering them. This is also a way you can start building an email list.”

Takeaway | Jaime’s Tips for Making Your Dream a Reality, Too

  1. Be clear in your intentions and audience. Know what your ultimate goal is and who your audience will be. Then develop your course with your students’ needs in mind.
  2. Engage with your community. Answer questions and foster a sense of community on social media and via email. Ask students what challenges they face so you can create valuable course content.
  3. Use a pre-launch email opt-in list and offer free content. Start promoting your course early with a pre-launch email list to get people interested and excited. Offer early bird subscribers a discounted price for your course. Also offer free content to build trust and reach a wider audience.