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How Jason Teteak Made Over $10,000 in 1 Year on Udemy By Using Simple Digital Marketing Strategies

JasonTeteakJason Teteak is a highly successful Udemy instructor and presenter who focuses on teaching other people how to teach.

He currently has 21 courses on Udemy, with more forthcoming, and his website, Rule the Room, offers a wealth of information, tips, and links to training programs for individuals and organizations.

When he first learned about Udemy from one of his staff members, Jason felt that it would be a great opportunity to share his videos with a global audience that he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to connect with one his own. And he was right.

A Mix of Digital Digital Promotional Methods

Since joining Udemy, Jason has earned over $10,000 in just one year.

He has accomplished this by using a combination of digital promotional methods that includes blogging, YouTube, and social media.

Want to know how he did this? Continue reading for his strategy, as well as tactics that you can apply to your own course.

By keeping things simple and letting his work speak for itself, Jason has made a name for himself, acquired a strong and dedicated following, and watched his business grow.

“I think what I really do is kind of put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. I always model everything I suggest people do, and so my best marketing is typically word of mouth. When people see it, they forward it on to other people and then we end up having domino effects.”

  • Official Website – Valuable Course Promotion

Jason focuses on pretty standard, traditional methods to promote his courses. His website is one of the main tools that he utilizes in order to drive more traffic to his Udemy courses.

“I have a website that people go to and they can find out about the products, and they are then sent to Udemy where they can watch those and purchase those.”

Note how Jason does a great job of laying out why someone should take one of his courses. He includes student testimonials and has a very clear call to action on the page, which links directly to the Udemy course landing page.


  • Monthly Blogging

Be a Consistent Blogger

Consistent blogging is another strategy that Jason uses to promote his expertise. Many people visit his site to read his monthly blog, in which he provides helpful tips for teachers and instructors from all industries. The tips Jason provides help them overcome challenges and become more effective.

Blog Subscription Box

At the side of every blog page is a subscription box where people can quickly sign up for his mailing list to get even more insight on a regular basis. And his mailing list is another tool he is able to use to directly promote his Udemy courses.


Jason ramps up engagement right after someone new subscribes by initially sending them two or three emails within the first week. After that, emails are sent once a month.

  • Promotional YouTube Videos

YouTube is also a primary marketing tool for Jason’s business, as it allows his potential students to really see him in action.


“All the gurus that try to teach presentation skills through a book or through LinkedIn messages, Twitter messages, or Facebook messages, without video, it’s like trying to teach somebody how to throw a football when they never get to touch a football. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Jason’s videos include highlights, teasers, and links that direct his audience to his Udemy courses, where they can learn more. A great example is his video “How To Give a Presentation Opener,” which contains a direct link to one of his top-selling Udemy courses.

“All my programs on Udemy have highlight videos, and those highlight videos are all on YouTube, and people can see those highlight videos for free. And they can click from there and go see all those programs. And when people see those highlight videos, it’s hard not to purchase the programs because they’re seeing that I model all of the very things I’m suggesting they do.”


“Videos on YouTube send people to various programs that help them decide if this is what they want to do, and really get them excited about what they’re going to be seeing and [what they’re] offered with the programs.”

Offer Valuable, Useful Content – Don’t Focus Only on Selling

To let his work speak for itself and encourage word-of-mouth promotion, Jason shares high quality content with followers. He applies this strategy to his blog, newsletter, and YouTube channel.

Overall, there’s far less emphasis on selling. Instead, he provides specific, useful, easy-to-implement tips that relieve pain points and enhance pleasure points.

“It’s always practical; it’s never what I call theoretical fluff.”

Engage with Your Audience and Followers

In addition to providing valuable, useful content, Jason focuses on developing a direct relationship with students and followers by interacting with them consistently.

  • Reply to Comments and Messages via Social Media and Email

If you had a question about something Jason wrote in his newsletter, you could reply to the email to get in touch with him. In the same way, if you left a comment on social media, he’d read it and reply.

“I reply to all of that personally. The reason I do that is because these are my audience members that have questions, and I want them to hear what I would do or say in that situation, what I would suggest they do or say in that situation.”

Udemy Tip: What email address are you using to send your emails? Make sure to set up an alias so any replies are being sent directly to your inbox.

  • Reply to Students on Udemy

Jason also stays in touch with students on Udemy:

“With my Udemy courses, if anybody ever has a comment, suggestion, or thought, and they email me, I’ll get back to them within a day because I want to have that back-and-forth with them. That’s what I do with my audiences live, and Udemy gives me the opportunity to do that virtually.”

3 Takeaways – How to Increase Course Sales Through Simple Digital Marketing Strategies

  1. Combine a variety of digital marketing strategies to connect with people from around the world and to grow your email list: An official website, informative videos on YouTube, social media, and a blog.
  2. Always focus on content and teaching rather than selling. Give people tips today that they can use tomorrow to enhance their careers so they’ll be more willing to invest in your courses.
  3. Engage with your subscribers and students by replying to emails, as well as questions and comments on social media.