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July 2017 Newsletter

Happy July!

We hope you’re taking the time to relax and get some much-needed vitamin D. But when you come inside from vacation, sometimes the summer months can be slow. This makes it a perfect time to do some housekeeping by making small updates to your course(s) to add value.

Come back to your course and review your marketing copy and curriculum as if you were a brand new student. Is there anything that has happened since you first published it that might help make the content more relevant and meaningful for students? Is there any language you can include on your course landing page to sound more current? Can you highlight what really differentiates your course?

Here are 3 easy ways to refresh your course:

  1. Update your title and course landing page copy (CLP)
  2. Add lectures
  3. Add a new Assignment or Quiz

If you make meaningful changes to your course content, be sure to tell your students about it in an educational announcement!

Instructor Success Team

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