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A Step-by-Step How-To For Launching a Successful Email Opt-In Page

Pre-launch Email Opt-inWant an effective way to grow your mailing list while promoting your Udemy course before it’s even published?

Make a pre-launch opt-in page!

A pre-launch email opt-in page, also known as an early bird opt-in page, is a basic landing page where people can learn about your upcoming course and subscribe to stay up-to-date on when it goes live.

This article demonstrates the benefits & gives you step-by-step directions on how to set up your own email opt-in page.

What’s Covered in This Article

1. Learn The Benefits of an Email Opt-In Page
2. Learn 4 Tips Before Building Your Email Opt-In Page
3. How to Build Your Pre-Launch Email Opt-In Page
Step 1: Where to Host Your Opt-in Page
Step 2: How to Choose a Mailing List Service to Manage Your Opt-In Page
– Google
– MailChimp
– Aweber
4. The 3 Key Takeaways

3 Benefits of an Email Opt-In Page For Instructors

  1. Grow Your Mailing List

Your mailing list plays a key role in the marketing of your Udemy course, as well as in the building of your overall business.

This is because people on your mailing list have already chosen to be a part of the community you’re building. They want to stay in the loop so they know what products you’re offering. Offering an incentive, such as a launch promotion, helps build this early opt-in list and increase launch sales.

  1. Promote Your Udemy Course to More People More Often

Prior to the launch of your Udemy course, you’ll be able to tell an even larger group of people who already like what you do about your course.

You can also reach out to these subscribers more often with teasers, updates, testimonials, and other selling points.

  1. Increase Your Udemy Course Sales

If you can strategically use your email opt-in page and mailing list for the promotion of your course, you can get more students to enroll, and you’ll likely enjoy a higher revenue stream than you otherwise would’ve had.

DID YOU KNOW? Early bird lists tend to convert at 50% versus a mere 1-5% from regular mailing lists.

This is because people who sign up for your early bird list tend to be those who have the highest intent to purchase.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 5.44.46 PMJaime Brodie, a fellow Udemy instructor, is an excellent example of what an email opt-in page can do for your course sales: 200 people signed up for her early bird list and 100 of those people went on to enroll in her course.

By the end of her first month, she earned over $10,000!

4 Tips For Building Your Email Opt-In Page

  1. It’s Never Too Early: Make your pre-launch opt-in page before you write your course
  2. Know Your Ideal Subscribers: Create an opt-in page that appeals to their needs
  3. Focus on the Goal—Subscribers: Every element on the opt-in page should entice people to subscribe
  4. Keep it Simple: Only ask for email addresses

How to Build Your Pre-Launch Email Opt-In Page

Step 1: Decide Where to Host Your Opt-in Page

Two Options: There are pros and cons for both, but when it comes down to it, it’s about branding and what works best for you. The goal is to get this page up as quickly as possible.

1. Buy a new domain and host the pre-launch page on its own

2. Host it on your current website

Step 2: Choose a Mailing List Service to Manage Your Opt-In Page

There are several different tools you can use when creating email opt-in pages. 3 quick and easy options are below: Google Form, MailChimp,AWeber.

– Google Form – Here’s How to Set it Up:

  1. Go to docs.google.com (Make a gmail account if you don’t have one yet)
  2. Click on Form in the File → New dropdown menu
  1. image2







  1. Add in your header and content in the appropriate fields
  2. Type in “Email Address” in Question Title, and then check off the box that says “Required Question” and then click Done











  1. Click on Change Theme to alter the design of the opt-in page
  2. Click Send Form to access a URL for forwarding the Google Form to your own domain name, or to get an HTML embedding code to add the form to your websit

– MailChimp – Here’s How to Set it Up:

  1. Sign up for a free account at MailChimp.com
  2. Add your business information to your profile
  3. Create a specific List for your pre-launch opt-in page (this will allow you to properly track traffic so you’ll know where your subscribers are coming from) image4

4. Click on Signup Forms in the Stats dropdown menu, and choose the General Forms option


5. Select the number and type of fields you want on your form (the fewer fields, the better)

6. Add your content and images on the page by clicking Edit.


7. Click on Design to change the appearance of your page

8. Click on Share. There, you’ll see a link to a single webpage that hosts your new opt-in form, as well as an HTML code to add it to your existing website






– Aweber – Here’s How to Set it Up

  1. Create or log into your account at Aweber.com
  2. Click on the Sign Up Forms tab and click the Create Your Free Sign Up Form button


  1. Choose the template design you like


  1. Edit the fields, if necessary, using the Create a New Field button
  2. Click on and edit your header by adding content


  1. Click Go To Step 2
  2. Name your form
  3. Assign a Thank You page and paste in your Thank You Page URL


  1.  Click Save before clicking on Go To Step 3
  2. To install the opt-in page on your site, copy the HTML code


  1. Additional publishing options are available on the Sign Up Forms page

Takeaways | 3 Quick and Easy Steps to a Great Email Opt-In Page

  1. Decide where you’ll host your email opt-in page: on its own domain or on your existing website
  2. Design your email opt-in page using a service like Google Forms, MailChimp, or Aweber. Keep it simple and only ask for email addresses.
  3. Promote your email opt-in page to your existing audience [link to article on this topic] and to new prospective students via social media, webinars, and other promotional channels.