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Love Your Students: Listen to Student Feedback on Your Course

Relationships are all about communication. Listen to student feedback and incorporate their suggestions and requests into your course.


You have a published course on Udemy – that’s fantastic! Now it’s time to deliver the best student experience possible. And guess what? Your students often know what they want better than you do. Check out these top tips for gathering student feedback and incorporating it into your course. Then follow the action steps below to get make sure your student relationship is going strong.

  •  Student Reviews: Read through your student reviews and reach out (via individual message) to students who you think have more to say. Rafael John‘s student left a 1-star review because there was a mismatch between his expectations and the actual course content. Rafael talked it out with the student in a private message exchange and then worked on clarifying (via his learning objectives and course summary) the ideal student for the course. In the end it was just a matter of communicating and setting the right expectations. The student updated his review to 4 stars!
  • Discussion Board: Pay attention to comments posted on the discussion board. If you see the same question arising repeatedly, maybe it’s a sign that lecture needs to be revised for clarity.
  • Ask For It: If you don’t find students are offering feedback organically, ask for it! Include a text lecture halfway through the course asking students to post any questions on the discussion board – this could be things they’re wondering about or other topics they want to explore. Consider compiling these questions and then adding in Q&A lectures to the end of your course David Travis style.

Follow these steps to get started on listening to your students:

  1. Look at your Reviews. Any less-than-5-star ratings? What do they say? Any reviews saying “I would have liked more information on x”?  Message that student and ask for more information (politely!)
  2. Look at your discussion board. Any questions? What on? If there aren’t any discussion posts, write one, asking for feedback.
  3. Add a text lecture for feedback. Insert this approximately halfway through your course to remind students to post their questions to the discussion board. Ask them if there are additional topics they would like taught in the course. Include a screenshot showing them how to start a discussion!

Interested in other avenues for collecting feedback on your course? Go here.