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Love Your Students: Optimize Your Course Landing Page

On Udemy, as in life, first impressions count for a lot. A student’s purchasing decision is based almost entirely on the information offered on your course landing page. Check out these top tips for converting potential customers into students.





  1. Distill the top 2-4 learning goals for the course.
  2. Each objective should be immediately actionable (start with an active verb) and directly fulfill the needs of your target audience.
  3. Fill out this learning objectives template for feedback from the instructor community.


Get personal in your COURSE SUMMARY


  1. Appeal directly to students by using the second person. Say “You will learn…” rather than “Students will learn…”
  2. You should also use words that are easy to understand (no technical jargon) and vary your sentence length for smooth reading.
  3. To update your course summary, go here.


Get persuasive in your PROMO VIDEO


  1. Keep it short but gripping. The single most important thing for a promo is to emphasize what students will get out of the course – What will they accomplish? How will it impact their life? Start with this.
  2. Conclude the promo with a call to action: “Click ‘Enroll’ and start making pasta like a maestro today. See you inside!”
  3. Check out some good and bad promo video examples here.


For further resources on optimizing every aspect of your course landing page, click below!

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