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Marketing Tools

Udemy offers marketing tools so instructors can market only their Udemy courses to their students. Other than the Bonus Lecture, Udemy instructors are not allowed to market other related products to students.

Udemy offers the following marketing tools:

  • Course Landing Page to communicate the value of the course
  • Coupons to promote the instructor’s Udemy courses to students outside of the platform
  • Promotional Emails to market the instructor’s other Udemy courses to their students
  • Bonus Lecture to market other courses and related products to students

These tools are meant to help the instructor engage their audience with their Udemy courses outside of Udemy. They also help students of one course discover other great Udemy courses by the same instructor. They’re not meant for instructors to market courses not created by them or any other products to Udemy students.

Remember, when instructors violate Udemy policies, the whole community loses out on having a common pool of engaged students who want to learn. Students are either driven off the platform or they unsubscribe and disengage from the platform because they feel like they’re being sold to.

What are marketing tools?

Escalation Policy: Learn what happens when there is a violation of our policies.