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Marketing Your Course

Marketing Your Course on Udemy


Remember that students are on Udemy to learn, not just to purchase. To make sure that your students stay happy and engaged with their courses focus on promoting value, not spam. Below are a few guidelines about interacting with your students on the Udemy site.

Educational Announcements:

Engage students and promote further learning in the course! You may send up to 4 Educational Announcements per calendar month per course.
DO use Educational Announcements to share insights with your students about updates in your field or in your existing course. You can provide links to news articles or free resources. You can also start a challenge to encourage students to continue with the course. More information here and some great examples here.
DON’T include links or promotions for other Udemy courses (yours or other instructors’), links to paid content off of Udemy, affiliate links, or anything that asks for students’ email addresses or other personal information.

Promotional Announcements:

Let your current students know about your new courses! You may send up to 2 per calendar month per course.
DO promote your new Udemy courses to your students using Promotional Announcements and include your Instructor Coupon code to capture 97% of those sales. Your students trust you, so reward their trust with actionable information and amazing new courses! More information here and some great examples here.
DON’T include any links to off-Udemy sites, courses of other Udemy instructors, courses where you are an invisible instructor, or courses where you are not present in a substantial portion of the instruction.

Interacting with Students

Teaching is all about building a relationship with your students. For some relationship building tips, go here.
DO enhance your students’ learning experience by interacting via the course discussion board, educational announcements, and direct messages.
DON’T collect student email addresses whether it be via course lectures, external links, announcements or direct messages.

Student Reviews:

Reviews provide a glimpse into the value of a course and are a critical component of many students’ purchasing decisions.
DO encourage your students to ask questions and give honest feedback on your course.
DON’T pay students or offer products or services to your students in exchange for reviews. These kinds of reviews are inherently biased and not helpful to prospective students who might be interested in a course.

Free-to-Paid Course Policy:

Pricing your course is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as an instructor. If you decide to switch your course from free to paid you will be entered into our Quality Re-review process, with the following steps:

  • Your course will be unpublished, and entered into Udemy’s Quality Re-Review process, using our enhanced quality standards.
  • Your course will be entered into a 48 hour hold period.
  • If your course is approved under the enhanced Quality Review Standards it will be republished onto the marketplace as a paid course.
  • If your course is not approved under the enhanced Quality Review Standards you can keep it on the marketplace as a free course, otherwise it will be permanently removed.