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Use Marketplace Insights to Find Your Next Course Opportunity

Finally, the data you’ve always wanted is at your fingertips, right on your Instructor dashboard! Marketplace Insights gives you data on student demand, search volume, and revenue for a particular topic to help you decide what course to teach next. With a clear view of the current course landscape, you can shape your teaching strategy and launch a killer course.

Start Exploring

Start by entering the topic you want to teach into the tool. When we have data for a given topic, you’ll see suggestions appear below the search box to help guide you.

All data in Marketplace Insights is based on the Primary Topics that instructors tag their courses with when published (Note: this data is only available for English courses at this time).

Opportunity Overview

After you’ve entered a topic into the tool, you’ll first see a high level summary of the data and a suggested strategy to get your new course on the path to success. Based on the number, rating and conversion rate of existing courses as well as the demand on Udemy for the topic you entered, you’ll see one of the following suggestions:

  • 🔥 This topic is a great opportunity. Student demand is high for a good course in this subject area. We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with!
  • 🙌  Aim for high ratings to succeed in this topic. For maximum impact in this topic, make sure your course will stand out from others with high ratings from students. Submit a Test Video to make sure you are exceeding student expectation in audio/video production and your delivery as an instructor. Strive to meet or surpass all the recommended items on our Course Quality Checklist (link here).
  • 📣  Have a marketing strategy to succeed in this topic. Ready to compete among the top courses in this topic? Get the word out on your Facebook page or other social media platforms like LinkedIn. Start building a presence on YouTube– even a few hundred subscribers can make a big difference. Udemy is here to help you develop a strong marketing plan for your course (learn more here).
  • 🦄 Differentiate your course to succeed in this topic. Although there might be a lot of courses in this topic area, focus on what will make yours stand out from the crowd. Focus on your true specialty within this broader topic (learn more here).
  • 💯  Bring your “A” game to succeed in this topic (i.e. do all of the above). This means that in the current Udemy landscape you’ll need high ratings from students, a killer marketing strategy, and a well differentiated topic to rise to the top in this topic area.

Search Data and Current Course Landscape

Interested in a more comprehensive picture of the topic landscape on Udemy? Take a closer look with metrics like search volume, top search keywords, and percentage of highly rated existing courses. Use this data to:

  • Gather new ideas about what courses to create by exploring other topics your students are interested in
  • Discover insights on how to refine your curriculum and course landing page based on top search keywords
  • Strategize your marketing efforts based on the discovery channels that drive the most enrollments
  • Explore existing courses to survey the current landscape

We hope that you use Marketplace Insights to reach your highest potential as a Udemy instructor.

Start exploring today!