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May 2017 Newsletter

Every day there are millions of people who want to learn something new, and new products and tools are popping up constantly. Think about it, 25 years ago Google didn’t exist, 10 years ago Instagram didn’t exist, 5 years ago Snapchat didn’t exist. These are just three products changing the way the world interacts and how business is done every day.

Staying on top of the newest trends in the field you’re in can help you structure your course to give your students the ability to learn the skills they need to not only be successful today, but in the next 10 – 20 years of their lives. In this newsletter we’ll look at how to discover and implement the newest trends in your courses and help your students improve their lives through learning!

We believe all instructors can find success on Udemy, and we’ll use this monthly newsletter to help you along the way!

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