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Announcing a New Course Landing Page

The course landing page (CLP) is the primary way students discover Udemy. It’s how students learn about your course, and about the opportunities of the Udemy marketplace. Today, we’re excited to announce the beginning of a phased update to the CLP, to upgrade both the design and the functionality of the page.

Please note that this release will be phased in gradually to more students over the course of the following weeks. In this blog post you’ll see a sneak peek of the new CLP, as well as some of the tests that have informed this update.

30+ Tests

The CLP has two goals: 1) help students determine quickly and easily if a specific course is right for them and, if not, then 2) help them find another course. To ensure that this CLP is optimized for both goals, we’ve run over 30 tests where we spoke with students and analyzed their behavior on the site. Every piece of this new CLP has been tested individually over the past 5 months to optimize for a lift in conversion and revenue. We ran a/b tests that analyzed students’ interaction with new designs like:

  • An updated algorithm for showing reviews (showcasing more relevant reviews, not more recent), which resulted in 10% more revenue for courses included in the test
  • A streamlined curriculum design (removing “Lectures” and “Sections” and numbers), which resulted in a marked increase in positive user experience interviews

To see more data on the tests we’ve run to inform this release, please see our blog post here.

Your new course landing page

Using the insights we’ve gathered from these tests, our team has overhauled the CLP to optimize the page for mobile use (29% of students visit the CLP through their phone), emphasize the “purchase” call to action, and modernize the design. Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out versions of this new page to the student base. In the new page you’ll see:

Instructor Promotions Channel. We will no longer show the “Recommended Course” module for students coming through instructor promotion

New Review Algorithm. We now show the most relevant reviews at the top of the review list, as opposed to the most recent

Instructor profile. Students want to know who they’re learning from, so we’ve used the new CLP to highlight instructor profiles


Modular design. More differentiation between distinct elements on the page help students navigate complex information

Highlighted course goals. Students want to know immediately what is, and is not, included in the course.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out this new CLP to the student base. We’ve done a tremendous amount of testing and feel confident about this release and will continue to innovate and make changes as we see results come in. As always, our Support team (instructorsupport@udemy.com) is standing by to answer any questions you might have.

Pro Tip: Make sure your course goals are polished, start with action verbs, and clearly and succinctly lay out the skills your course teaches (e.g. “Perform advanced SQL queries to better understand your business data” or “Bake complex cakes using the folding technique”). We highly recommend only including 3-5 course goals.


Why are you rolling this out in phases?
The CLP is an important part of our business, and we want to make sure we’re rolling out changes as thoughtfully as possible. We’ve been testing many elements of the new page over the past 5 months. As we combined these new elements into one complete page, we’ll be phasing it in over the next few weeks to ensure that we collect student feedback and data around how they’re using the page. We’ve also heard from our instructor community that you appreciate learning about updates earlier in the launch process.

Will this hurt my revenue?
As 70% of new students find out about Udemy through a course landing page, we monitor the revenue driven by the page very closely. We’ll innovate and make changes quickly if needed. Additionally, we’ve now removed the different merchandising elements (modals like “Students who viewed this course also viewed…”) when you drive students through an instructor coupon code. Now, when students come to your CLP through your own link, they’ll only see information about your course.

Will this help students enroll in my course?
We have two goals for the CLP: 1) help students enroll into the course if they feel it’s the right course for them; and 2) if the course is not the right course, help them find one that is. We do this because we see that mismatched expectations are one of the largest drivers of poor ratings on the site – if a student expects a course to deliver one thing, and it delivers another, chances are they’ll leave a poor rating.

Getting students who want to learn from your course to enroll, while funneling the students who would be better suited for another course somewhere else is a key component of both how you drive revenue through this page, and how you maintain ratings. Also please note that all of the CLP merchandizing is no longer present when you drive students to your own course.

Do you have a list of everything that’s changing on the page?
We’ve included a list of all new or revised elements on the page below:

  • Smaller Promo Video
  • Streamlined Curriculum
  • Last Updated Date (replacing Published Date). This takes into account substantial updates to your courses — just adding in a comma in your course summary, for instance, will not affect this metric
  • Course Length broken into video content, quizzes, audio files, and documents
  • Highlighted Instructor Bio
  • In-Line “Students Also Viewed” modal (hidden when student comes through instructor coupon)
  • Revised Reviews – updated review and new ranking algorithm (most relevant reviews surfaced first, not most recent).
  • Redesigned video popup layer (for promo video and free preview lectures)