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New Test Video Tool Announcement

We’re excited to introduce you to the newest update to help you create high quality courses on Udemy. Today we’re announcing two updates to the test video tool to better support you in your course creation journey:

  • Updating the process for submitting a test video to allow the Review Team to provide more high quality, actionable feedback for you.
  • Making the test video checkpoint mandatory for new instructors to better support them in creating their first course.

We’re excited to have the opportunity to provide feedback at this critical time in your creation journey. Currently the Review Team can give you very general feedback on your videos. With this update, the Review Team will give you feedback based on your specific equipment setup, including how to diagnose and fix equipment-related issues.

Over the past years, we’ve seen instructors spend many hours creating courses that do not pass the audio/video standards during the quality review process. To ensure that instructors get the right feedback at the right time (i.e. when just starting on their course), we’ve made the test video prompt mandatory for new instructors.

In addition, we’ll now begin providing you feedback on your delivery. Instructor delivery is all about how you communicate in your course. When you come across as a credible and confident instructor, it has a huge positive impact on the learning experience for students, and can tilt the scales on whether students love the course or they don’t. They can also give you more detailed feedback on your delivery, which is a crucial component of creating a high quality course.

What’s a test video?
You may be asking yourself “what’s test video?”. A test video is a one – three minute sample of your teaching style recorded with the same production equipment and setup you plan on using for your course. When you upload your test video you’ll be asked to provide basic information on your course and list the equipment you’ll use for recording such as microphone, camera, editing software, etc.

You’ll receive feedback on your test video 36 – 48 hours following your submission. You’ll get feedback in three categories: video production, audio production, and delivery. You must pass all three categories before you can upload additional content for your course. This is to make sure that you know how to create high quality videos that will pass the quality review process before investing tons of hours!

You’ll also have access to chat with the Quality Review Team to better understand your feedback and ask any questions you may have. Once your test video is approved you’ll be able to continue creating your course by adding content to your course curriculum.

Important! Please note, full feedback will only be provided for courses in English, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. For courses in all other languages, you’ll receive limited feedback translated based on your language preference.

Returning Instructors: We still strongly recommend you submit a new Test Video any time you make changes to your recording environment (i.e. recording in a different room or with different lighting) or if you make any changes to your audio or video equipment. That way you can ensure you are recording and producing high quality courses. Remember, our team is here for you – happy producing!

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