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November 2017 Newsletter


This just in! According to our new Skills Gap report, a whopping 80% of Americans agree that the U.S. workforce lacks the skills required for the 21st century workplace. Who’s responsible for finding solutions to this issue?

At Udemy, here’s what we think will help close the gap:

  • Self motivated workers. As required job skills continue to change, workers who seek new learning opportunities will maintain a more competitive edge; those who don’t will face dwindling employment prospects.
  • Investment from employers. Employers will need to find ways to better attract and retain top talent. Workplace boredom studies show that employers who invest in their employees’ continued development see higher engagement levels.
  • Skilled content creators. As the number of skillsets and technologies multiplies, we need more skilled professionals to share their knowledge in more scalable ways.

Enter Udemy for Business (UFB), a solution designed to bring together motivated employees, business owners, and content creators. Udemy for Business provides companies with a custom learning platform and the freshest content from the Udemy consumer marketplace. Learn more about how UFB works here.

It’s a wonderful time to be an instructor on Udemy. The market for continuing education is expanding. Your skills are in demand! So, what role will you play in closing the skills gap?

Instructor Success Team

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