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October 2017 Newsletter

You may have noticed that we’ve got a new look, and we promise it’s not a Halloween trick! We’ve spent countless hours researching and refining our design to bring Udemy’s fresh new brand to life. Now we’re thrilled to share it with you, our most trusted partners. This brand is inspired by you, our global community of instructors and students.

Take a look at the videos on the beable.to brand page to get deeper insight into the core of the new brand. The new colors and logo are only the surface layer. The dynamic hand-lettered new “u” represents more global, fluid, and connected kind of learning. The statement “be able” represents the sense of possibility in a diverse marketplace, and the new photographic style is all about telling your stories.

We will continue to be focused on helping students around the world find the best teachers for their learning goals. This is just the beginning of our evolution as we push onward to new frontiers, together.

Instructor Success Team

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