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Teach on Udemy and find a global audience for your brand.

Jaime Brodie created a course on Udemy and found a global audience for her passion. Learn how Udemy helped grow her personal brand.


Who: Jamie Brodie, Founder of Cosmic Kids Yoga

Hometown: Henley on Thames, England

Udemy Course:  Getting Started in Kids Yoga

Countries Reached: 35

Revenue Earned: Over $45,000!

Q: Why did you decide to teach a course on Udemy?

Jamie: The Udemy platform gave us a great format to work with. The sign up system is secure, the students are able to make notes as they go, the quizzes are great for monitoring learning and the process of moving through a course is fun and motivating. We had always wanted to integrate an online teacher training into our business model and had originally thought that we would need to build this sort of platform ourselves from scratch on our website. We had planned out our course and were feeling hugely overwhelmed at the task ahead and then we happened to do a search for online training platforms and we found Udemy. That was a huge relief and gave us a really clear framework to build the course.

Q: What do you hope students get out of your course?

Jamie: The knowledge of teaching safe and fun yoga classes to kids. As well as some core skills in performance to become a great teacher. For successful completion (which involves our students submitting us a video of themselves for review) we give them a Cosmic Kids Online Teacher Training certificate which enables them to get the relevant professional liability insurance to teach.

Q: Tell us a bit about what makes your course special?

Jamie: We spent a lot of time editing and redrafting the script to make all the teaching incredibly clear. I found that lots of personal anecdotes and stories were great ways of communicating my own learning and have a powerful impact on the students. I spend a good deal of time at the end of the course for each student, reviewing their kids yoga assessment video – this ensures that we can actually see them putting the learning into action and proves that they have taken the skills on board. This also makes the qualification mean something and can be used as evidence of their ability to teach.

Q: How has the Udemy community helped you achieve your goals?

Jamie: We have been given tons of support and ideas to market our course. All of the blog posts have been really helpful. Having a skype call with Danielle Leslie was amazing – she gave us some brilliant ideas about nurture campaigns, making the most of our YouTube presence and the value of email capture. Also having a financial incentive in June was very powerful. It prompted us to implement a hugely successful coupon offer and was made worthwhile by Udemy’s offer of the cash bouns.

Q: What have you learned from teaching online?

That people can actually learn online – which is very exciting! I have learnt that to be a good online teacher the ideas and knowledge I am communicating need to be crystal clear. Especially as there are people in so many different countries taking the course. I have also learnt that you need to get back to people asap when they send a message. If there’s a delay students very quickly feel ignored and it affects their confidence in the course. I have noticed that the best thing is to regularly check in with students to reassure them that I am here and real and can be contacted if they need me.

Q: What’s your approach to teaching online and what are some teaching tactics that you’ve tried that have been successful?

Jamie: The structure of the course is important to make sure that students don’t feel overwhelmed. Having a variety of lecture styles keeps it interesting for students. Making my videos clear by spending time scripting and editing what I’m saying before filming. Including lots of personal stories to make the learning real and relevant. Offering lots of quizzes along the way to help students check they are taking the info on board. Giving students a task – a challenge at the end that involves them having to demonstrate they have done the learning and have successfully passed the course.

Q: Do you have a favorite student success story?

Jamie: Glenn Denny up in Stornoway, Scotland did the course to introduce his Beaver Scout group to yoga. He now teaches several classes a week and is pursuing a full time career as a kids yoga teacher. Also Jason Shaw is now teaching yoga to the children at an orphanage in Bangkok – it is helping them to become strong, confident and calm whilst having lots of fun!

Q: What advice do you have for an individual considering becoming an instructor on Udemy and getting ready to create their first course?

Jamie: Spend the time scripting your videos to make your teaching really clear and understandable. We invested in auto cue equipment for the ipad, which means you can keep natural eye contact with your audience and follow your script. It’s also important to plan the course and think about the experience for your students. You don’t need to sound clever or use big words – just be yourself, be open and friendly and most important – be clear.

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  1. Great tips, Jaime! I’d like to get something like auto cue for my laptop. A way to read script and still be looking at the camera would be awesome.

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    i can teach mathematics for high school students and intermediate and polytechnic students and engineering students

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