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Polish Your Product

The fourth and final principle of an ideal Udemy course is “Polish your Product”. Polishing is all about preparing your course for success in the marketplace! Promotion can be hard, but don’t worry, we’re here to help — we have loads of promotional resources in the “Marketing” section of this site. However, our “Polish” principle will help you put your best foot forward to get student number 1, student number 100, and even student number 1,000!

The tactics outlined in the “Polish” section will guide you in creating your course landing page: writing your course summary, designing your course image, and shooting your course promo video.

The final piece of polishing your product is all about that what separates a good teacher from a great teacher. And that’s being a great learner.

The best instructors continually polish their course by responding to student feedback and incorporating changes and new material into their courses. If you’re hoping to be a truly great instructor, you’ll know that teaching your course doesn’t end when you hit “publish”. Engaging with your students by answering questions, posting discussion topics, hosting live sessions, and continually improving your course will help keep you ahead of the competition and loved by your students.