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Post-Publish: Taking Your Udemy Course from Good to Great

My Udemy Course is Live, Now What?


As a Udemy instructor, you’ve already realized that the road doesn’t end once your course goes live. Creating and publishing your course is the the first step — the next step is teaching your students! To deliver the best student experience possible, consider taking student feedback and incorporating it into your course. Feedback on your course can come from a variety of sources:

Student Feedback

  • Student Reviews: Read through your student reviews and reach out (via individual message) to students who you think have more to say. Dana M.‘s student posted a review saying she wished there was more information on a particular topic. Dana messaged her to get more details, then added a new lecture to the course. That student’s review went from 4 to 5-stars!
  • Discussion Board: Pay attention to comments posted on the discussion board. If you see the same question arising repeatedly, maybe it’s a sign that lecture needs to be revised for clarity.
  • Surveys: If you don’t find students are offering feedback organically, ask for it! Include a survey at the end of the course to see what students think of you as an instructor overall and to see what else they’re interested in learning (new course idea, anyone?) You can even collect students’ questions and then add Q&A lectures to the end of your course like David Travis.
  • Direct Messages: When a student sends you a message with feedback, be sure to take it seriously. If that student took the time to message you, they clearly have something important to say.

Review Team Feedback

The Udemy Review team sees thousands of courses, which means they have a great sense of what makes a course really shine in the marketplace. When Udemy’s Review team evaluates your course, they’ll identify which “Recommended” elements of our Quality Checklist your course is missing. All the elements of our course quality checklist are based on a solid foundation of research and analysis. These are great areas for improvement! Sometimes updating an existing course can prove even more profitable than launching a new one.

Instructor Community Feedback

Your peers in the Udemy Studio and Faculty Lounge are a great source of advice, opinions, and information. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help and feedback! Most instructors are also Udemy students, and they’re ready to jump into their “student shoes” to tell you what you’re doing well and what you might be missing.

With this wealth of feedback, you have all the tools to take your course from good to great!

  • If your course is relatively new, we recommend you first take a look at the feedback you received from the Review team.
  • If your course has been around awhile, start by reading through your student reviews and identifying any trends. Notice a review that says something like “disappointed” or “unsatisfied” but lacks details? Send a message to the student to get more information on how they believe the course could be improved.